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Brand: Deepcool Gamer Storm
Model: GS120
RRP:  $13.99 (UK price TBD)

Deepcool was established in 1996 with their main headquarters in Beijing China and the main goal of bringing the best in thermal solutions to a worldwide customer base. To help ensure they could offer the best in service they have built up their distribution network in over 70 countries meaning most customers should have little to no problems when searching to buy Deepcool products. Deepcool has guaranteed its customers it will do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to thermal solutions and offering the best in performance.

Today I will be taking a look at a fan from their Gamer Storm division by way of the GS120. The GS120 is a 120mm PWM that comes in a two-toned grey colour, the frame being one shade and the fan blades being another. It is equipped with a unique cable design and while they are not braided, they are individually insulated and ever offer a cable comb like piece to help make sure users can display them exactly how they want.

Before we jump into the specifications let’s see what Deepcool have to say about the GS120:

Though 20mm thick, GS120 pushes the same airflow as normal 25mm thick fans. You can save 5mm space, which may matters when you try to add a side panel fan and you already have a tower CPU heatsink.Or when your tower CPU heatsink fan slightly blocks your memory slots, you definitely need this 5mm space. That’s when GS120 is designed for.


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