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Jumping right into the performance and the Scythe Kotetsu is a nice mid-range air CPU cooler. In terms of acoustics, the Kotetsu is in the top 5 for being the quietest we have tested so far in 2015. This is great as sound output from fans and coolers is a big concern to most users who are building PCs in this day and age, we all want the best performance with the least amount of noise possible.

The thermal performance results put the Kotetsu almost right smack dab in the middle of our testing so far for 2015. The Kotetsu is not designed to be a monster CPU cooling device but instead a cooler that will offer far better performance than that of a stock Intel or AMD cooler and will allow for a bit of overclocking which will of course allow for the user to get even better performance out of their PC as a whole. When cooling an overclocked 4770K the Kotetsu topped out at 52c during my testing which is well within the temperature limits for the given CPU.

The design of the Kotetsu is simple, yet effective. Featuring a single tower fin array with a nice black top fin it may not be the fanciest cooler on the block, but it certainly is no eye-sore. One of the things I liked seeing was the fact Scythe went ahead and actually capped off the heat pipes that protruded through the top of the cooler, far too many times do we see companies get lazy and literally just let the heat pipes burst out through that top fin and do nothing with them, allowing them to look a mess and in my eyes horrible. Big thanks to Scythe for paying attention to the simple yet very important detail, thank you!

When considering the price of the Kotetsu it falls right into its respected range quite nicely I would say.  For just over £30 you are getting a cooler that offers good performance for its overall value and again, the fact Scythe capped off those heatpipes and made the top fin black really just set it all off for me and make it a worthwhile purchase. For coolers of this price, a lot of companies don’t really pay too much attention to the aesthetics and rather just focus on the performance which is OK, but it surely is nice to see someone paying attention to the finer details of the cooler.

I would like to thank Scythe for sending the Kotetsu in for review and look forward to what they may come out with next.


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– The black top fin and capped heat pipes give a nicer look for a standard cooler
– Good performance for Value
– GlideStream fan is one of the quieter fans we have tested on cooler


– Only features 4 heat pipes
– Overall generic design

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