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Hello dear readers, I am back, this time with a case fan review featuring RGB and expandability. Speedlink have been around a very long time, they provide many peripherals and other office supplies. Their gaming equipment tends to be of a reasonable quality as they aim to be competitive in a crowded marketplace. In the test rig today I have three Speedlink MYX RGB LED fans, arriving as a dual fan kit, with an extension fan as a separate add-on, lets see how they perform.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan System Specifications & Features

Speedlink MYX LED Fan Kit specifications

  • 2 x 120mm fans with RGB lighting for PC cases
  • Combinable with other Speedlink MYX-series modding products (monitor stripes, PC stripe)
  • Over 220 different lighting modes
  • All modes configurable by remote control
  • Remote control compatible with all MYX products
  • Hub with Molex® connector for connecting to the AC adapter
  • 6-pin sockets on hub for up to 10 fans
  • Anti-vibration foam mounts
  • Incl. 8 mounting screws and button-cell battery for the remote control
  • Near silent fan operation of just 22.5dBA
  • Fan speed: 1,200rpm (adjustable via remote)
  • Airflow rate: 65cfm
  • Fan connector: 6-pin plug
  • Hub connection: Molex® female to 10 × 6-pin females
  • Fan cable length: 500mm
  • Hub cable length: 295mm
  • Fan dimensions: 120 × 120 × 26mm (W × D × H)
  • Hub dimensions: 93 × 48 × 16mm (W × D × H)
  • Remote control dimensions: 87 × 40 × 7mm (L × W × H)
  • Total weight of kit: 266g

Speedlink MYX LED Extension Fan specifications

  • Fan with RGB lighting for PC cases
  • Addition for fans such as the Speedlink MYX LED Fan Kit
  • Combinable with other Speedlink MYX-series modding products
  • Over 220 different lighting modes
  • All modes configurable by remote control (not included)
  • Anti-vibration foam mounts
  • Incl. 4 mounting screws
  • Near silent fan operation of just 22.5dBA
  • Fan speed: 1,200rpm
  • Airflow rate: 65cfm
  • Connection: 6-pin plug (connects via MYX hub)
  • Cable length: 500mm
  • Dimensions: 120 × 120 × 26mm (W × D × H)
  • Weight: 100g

Speedlink MYX LED Fan System Closer Look

Speedlink MYX LED Fan Kit box top

Arriving in two boxes Speedlink have sent both the base fan kit and an extension fan for a three fan setup. The top of the boxes provides photos of the fans and remote control along with details on size, speed and lighting modes. The boxes themselves are not incredibly sturdy but should handle the odd knock without damaging anything inside.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan Kit box bottom

Over on the other side of the boxes we have further details on the fans, controller and technical specifications accompanied by more photos.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan Kit box contents

Unpacking the contents reveals just bubble wrap protecting the components, no overuse of plastic here and bubble wrap is quite reusable so I won’t be deducting packaging points here. Included with the fans, controller and manual each box contained a warranty card offering additional warranty and a 10 euro discount on your next Speedlink purchase. Adding a second years warranty for registration is quite a good offer.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan front

Moving in closer to one of the fans we have a glossy white fan hub and blades, the fan blades also feature grooves to improve airflow and reduce noise, we have seen this tactic on other fans with varying levels of success. We can clearly see the LED’s around the inside edge of the fan frame. The fan corners feature some foam dampeners, these should help reduce vibration noise.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan rear

The rear of the fan features a sticker with some product information along with power details, these fans are 5V so would have to be powered accordingly. The rear of the fan blades have some raised spots on them, in kind of a golf ball effect, this is also used to reduce turbulence, I am hoping these fans run nice and quiet.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan side profile

On it’s side the fan shows off it’s understated frame, the 26mm depth means they will fit in most cases where a standard fan is expected, but do always measure clearance before purchasing.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan 6pin connector

A non standard fan connector meets us at the end of the cable, this 6 pin plug provides power and RGB control in one. Unfortunately there is no standard for these connectors so there is no guarantee that it would be wired the same way as say a Thermaltake 6 pin connector.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan control parts

The control parts are all included in a bubble wrap bag: we have the remote in an additional plastic pouch, the controller unit and a Molex power connector, I was initially going to complain about not have a SATA style power connector however after questioning it an informed friend let me know that the Molex plug, providing sufficient wire gauge, can carry more current.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan controller

Well the Molex connector could be explained here, this controller supports a massive 10 fans, I normally see 4, 6 and 8 fan controllers, so this one could draw quite a bit over the cable. Additionally there are two 4 pin connectors, the manual says these are for compatible devices, my understanding is it could be for additional LED strips to sync with the controller. There is no connection to the motherboard on this unit, this means there won’t be any software to control the effects.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan remote

The supplied remote is what you have to control the LED’s, there is no fan speed control here so they will run at their full 1200rpm while switched on. There are 12 colour buttons, two brightness buttons, two mode buttons for scaling up and down the available preset modes, two speed buttons to adjust the speed of the effects and finally On , Auto and Off are for LED operation with Auto cycling through the various preset effects. The remote is powered by a button battery inserted into a compartment at the bottom.

Speedlink MYX LED Fan controller installed

Installing the controller is as easy as finding a space where the adhesive pad on the back will allow it to stick freely, do consider the location when planning cabling, the fan cables provided are quite long at 500mm each so it should be easy to route them through your case.

Speedlink MYX LED rear fan installed

Installing a fan at the rear fits well, the foam dampeners really feel like they will help too. Threading the cable through the top to the controller is also easy with the flat cable style.

Speedlink MYX LED front fans installed

The case I am using comes with a fan/radiator mounting bracket making installation a breeze. They fit on the outside of the bracket which doesn’t leave an awful lot of space for airflow which is taken from the off-side vent and bottom vents, it should however be sufficient for this setup, you can also install them on the back of the bracket for more air space in front of the fans. The white fan blades do match my case quite well but of course your experience may vary.

Speedlink MYX LED rear fan powered on

Powering on the fans the LED’s do a great job of lighting up the glossy blades, this gives a full fan colour effect even when there are multiple colours present. The 65cfm fan pressure wouldn’t be great with a radiator but for air movers in a chassis they do quite well.

Speedlink MYX LED front fans powered on

Using front to back airflow, this case only shows off the backs of the front fans, they do still light up really well.

Speedlink MYX LED fans rig assembled

With the rig fully assembled, the fans look fantastic and are actually pretty quiet, airflow in this case is OK but not great so I do prefer to be able to adjust the fan speeds where possible.

The Speedlink MYX LED Fan System Review: The Verdict

Having played around with these fans for a few days, they work quite well, the build quality is solid, the glossy white finish fills up with colour from the LEDs the controller is capable of supporting a whopping 10 fans plus two extra compatible components on 4 pin connectors .such as LED strips. The fans are 5v so could be difficult to pair up with other brands as the 6 pin connectors don’t have a standard. From the quiet operation the design of the fan blades and noise dampened frame is having an effect. Airflow through the case is good however I wouldn’t use these fans on a radiator.

What’s hot:

  • Excellent LED illumination
  • Good noise dampening features
  • Controller supports up to 10 fans

What’s not:

  • No fan speed control
  • No software for effects control
  • Expensive compared to other products

I am initially impressed with the design and implementation of these fans, while they lack any kind of speed adjustment the noise levels are not a real concern, the problem I have with this kit is the pricing, at the time of writing availability is sparse I did find them available with the two fan and controller kit at around £36 and the extension fan for around £17 making the full setup £53, this is a little disappointing value wise as for example the Corsair iCUE SP120 RGB Pro kit comes in at around £39.99 at the time of writing, it includes a software controlled lighting controller and the three fans speeds can be adjusted via voltage control, I feel a serious drop in price is required to make these a viable option. The quality is fine and the controller being able to host 10 fans is great for expansion so with a big enough discount I could recommend this for a basic setup.

Thanks to Speedlink for sending a sample of the MYX LED Fan System in for review.

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speedlink-myx-led-fan-system-reviewA capable fan system for case use, may not be powerful enough for radiators, the Speedlink MYX kits come with a 12 port controller, 10 of which takes fans, a remote for effects and well designed fans that have a low noise level despite lacking speed adjustment capabilities. The biggest downside to these fans is the high price, this needs to change.

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