Thermalright AXP-200 Review


Brand: Thermalright
Model: AXP-200
RRP: (estimated) £40 (At time of the review)

Thermalright is an enthusiast-grade cooling provider in the computer industry. They were formed in 2001 and have since then set many standards in terms of performance cooling products in the world today. They were the first on the market with an all-copper based heatsink when they began in 2001 and they were also the first to make full use of heat pipes to improve the heat dissipation greatly. One such cooler that instantly rings a bell in my mind is the Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme (TRUE) which was by far one of the best of its time, providing cooling performance up to 10°c better than any other competitor on the market.

Thermalright have also moved into the ITX range of coolers and today I am going to be looking at the AXP200 which is a mere 73mm tall with the fan installed. There are six 6mm heat pipes on the cooler which should provide great heat dissipation. However, will it be up to the task of cooling the Intel Core i7-4770K or will it struggle to tame the beast? Let’s take a quick glance at the specifications before we open this thing up and put it to the test.

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