Thermalright Macho 90 CPU Cooler Review

[section_title title=”Introduction”]Introduction

  • Brand: Thermalright
  • Model: Macho 90
  • Price: €29.99 (At time of review)

Thermalright is a world-wide leader and innovator in professional computer cooling solutions. They were established back in 2001 and since then have set the trail a blaze, being the first to offer a number of unique cooling solutions and always looking to better themselves and give consumers a better cooling experience. This year alone we have seen a number of great products from Thermalright such as the True Spirit 140 BWMacho Rev. BMacho ZeroArchon IB-E X2 and the SilverArrow IB-E just to name the ones I have personally had the pleasure of testing. Thermalright doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon which is a great thing for everyone as not only does it mean we can get our hands on their great line-up of products, it also means other companies have to step their game up and come correct if they want to even be considered a competitor.

Today I am taking a look at the smallest CPU cooler I have personally seen from Thermalright; namely the Macho 90. Being the runt of the family so to speak it will be rather interesting to see if the Macho 90 can live up to the family name and offer some decent performance. The Macho 90 features 4 x 6mm heatpipes and a PWM fan with low noise to help keep CPU’s cool and is designed with Mini-ITX systems in mind. Competing directly against the lives of the Macho Rev. B and Macho Zero will be no easy task but I do have high hopes for the Macho 90 and while I don’t expect it to be quite as good, it should still offer a decent cooling experience.


To kick things off let’s take a look at the unboxing I did for the Macho 90:

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