Thermaltake Frio Extreme Silent 14 Dual CPU Cooler Review


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Thermaltake has been a Play3r in the game for far long enough to know what their consumers like. Time and time again, they have shown they stay up with the latest trends and focus a lot on innovation, always trying to better help support their customers with what they need. Have Thermaltake delivered when it comes to the FES14D? Well, let’s have a recap and find out!

As far as performance is considered, the FES14D is a mighty fine all-around CPU cooler. It offers both great cooling performance and its noise levels are certainly acceptable, especially when taking the cooling performance into account. Looking at the benchmarks, the FES14D was only beaten out by one other air cooler when trying to tame an overclocked 4770K. However, the noise levels of the FES14D were much quieter which in my opinion, more than make up for a couple of degree difference in temps. For those in the know, just looking at the FES14D and you can tell it should offer great performance, dual towers with dual 140mm fans, need I really say more? When all is said and done, the performance is on point for both aspects, as it should be.

In terms of design, the FES14D ticks all the boxes it should, both aesthetically speaking and engineering wise. As far as looks go, it’s basic, but in a good way as it is not overly flashy. The FES14D features dual towers as we have seen and rather simple fans. This should, in all honesty, allow for more users to make use of the cooler without having it disrupt the look and colour scheme of their build too much. The black frames of the fans, with their white fins, are sure to bring a bit of attention to the cooler without over doing it.

As far as the technical side of design goes, Thermaltake has done an impressive job as the performance results in our benchmarks should convey. The twin tower design is a popular one when it comes to the best air coolers on the market and as we have seen, the copper heat pipes and base surely offer great performance. Couple that with the good pair of 140mm fans and you are sure to have a solid cooler on your hands.

Thermaltake Frio Extreme Silent 14 Dual featured



One of the other major things to consider when purchasing a CPU Cooler, or, any piece of hardware, is the price. Thermaltake have the FES14D priced just north of £50 here in the UK which put it into the top tier of air coolers. While there may be some that are more expensive, £50-£60 is where things get interesting as you are at the higher-end of air coolers and low-end of the AIO cooler ranges. The FES14D is more than capable of competing with lower-end AIO Coolers so the price tag is more than justifiable. When it comes to the FES14D, you are certainly getting your money’s worth.

So the FES14D may have a couple of shortcomings, like the rather unpleasing PWM cables on the fans. Also, it may not be the flashiest cooler on the block, but at the end of the day that’s a good thing if you ask me. The FES14D more than makes up for these minor issues with its performance and low-noise output.

If you are looking for a great top-end air CPU Cooler that will allow you a decent margin of overclocking room, as far as temperatures are concerned, then the FES14D is definitely worth a look. This cooler comes packed with great performance in a rather simplistic design which works well for it.

  • Gold Award – The Thermaltake Frio Extreme Silent 14 Dual offers great performance and design in a simple, yet appealing package. In terms of thermal performance, the FES14D was only beaten out by one other air cooler so far in 2015, but, the acoustic performance was better which is why it deserves a gold award. Great performance with low-noise output is always a win when it comes to CPU coolers.


Big thanks to Thermaltake for sending this in for review. Thermaltake are currently taking big strides in the cooling market and I look forward to seeing what they will come up with next.

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