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This is normally the part where I say something witty pertaining to graphics cards, what my thoughts are and of course where I talk about all the good and bad points of the product on test. Well that’s obviously true, due to this being my conclusion and final thoughts, but MSI has made my job so very hard today with the GTX 1070 Gaming X. I have been looking forward to seeing Pascal for the last couple of months, more so that the GTX 1070 felt like the “perfect graphics card” at a sweet price point.

Of course the latter gave me a little bit of a disappointment due to the competitive pricing of NVIDIA in high-end graphics card solutions; or the lack of. To MSI’s credit, however, their Gaming X model is one, if not the cheapest aftermarket card currently on the market, but cheaper doesn’t mean worse, in fact, I would probably go as far as saying that the Twin Frozr VI is the best GPU cooler out there today. Pre-Brexit (go Google it if you don’t know what that is), the RRP price was around £419.99 which I considered a little high anyway with my personal estimations expecting the card to be around £350-380, but the uncertain economic climate, the card on Amazon UK comes in at a £429.99 which compared to other available GTX 1070 models, it’s fantastic value for money given all the features that come with the card.

MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X Review 6

The MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB is a strong card all-around; it has the looks, it has the performance and it has an aura of absolute class about it. The Twin Frozr VI cooler has a lot going for it and thanks to MSI’s RGB addition; it gives you the opportunity to customise the MSI LED lit logo which when in a conventional PC case, will have the greatest aesthetical effect.

Talking about the actual figures within our benchmark results, the MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X blitzes the current competition and as more NVIDIA Pascal models come in, it will be interesting to see how the MSI stacks up against other AIB (Add-In-Board) partners. For what it’s worth, the GTX 1070 trounces AMD’s current flagship performing card, the Fury X. Is this a sign that NVIDIA still holds all the cards concerning development and performance? Probably as their latest card (the RX 480) wasn’t the card people expected it to be. With the GTX 1060 having just be released itself, the NVIDIA v AMD war rages hard. Equipped with 8GB of GDDR5 VRAM, it shows that this card means business and offers smooth and much-needed leg room for higher resolutions such as 1440P which it does brilliantly at even at maximum settings in some of the most intensive games. This of course means that single 4K resolution gaming on a singular card isn’t too far off and with VR being the current “big” thing dominating the market, this card can handle the HTC Vive with absolute ease!

If you don’t quite have the budget for the flagship GTX 1080, then the GTX 1070 isn’t *that* far behind in terms of overall performance and shows that the x70 NVIDIA cards have a lot to offer for the money. The MSI variant certainly offers a lot for its money and thanks to the legendary MSI Afterburner overclocking tool and the vibrant and useful MSI Gaming App, the MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X 8GB is certainly one of the best overall graphics cards we have ever seen here at Play3r. If you’re looking at any GTX 1070 model, the MSI one is probably the one to be; very big words in all honesty, but this card actually makes me smile looking at it and you can’t put a price on that; well maybe £429.99 of course!

I’d like to finish off by giving MSI a huge thanks for sending the GTX 1070 Gaming X in for review.

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– MSI Twin Frozr VI is a beast of a cooler; temperature and acoustic performance wise
– Overall design is lovely, especially loving the red illuminated claw section
– GTX 1070 has a solid performance gain over the AMD R9 Fury X
– This particular sample overclocks like a beast; other samples may vary of course
– Great software package with MSI Afterburner, MSI Gaming App and MSI DragonEye
– Cool as a cucumber


– £429.99 in the UK isn’t THAT bad of a price, but overall pricing on the GTX 1070 range could be better all-around
– Still not quite there with 4k 60fps at decent settings (getting closer however)
– The red LED claw marks would certainly be better as RGB to fit in with the MSI logo which IS RGB
– GTX 1070 uses GDDR5 and not GDDR5X like the GTX 1080 comes with

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  1. I would consider the 1080 to be a 4k card, the 1070 to be a 1440p card and the 1060 to be the 1080p card. Not sure why the 4k expectation on a lesser performing card should be a “con”.

  2. doesn’t make any sense to publish “overall” scores instead of “graphics” (talking about Firestrike of course).

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