Tesoro Excalibur V2 Mechanical Keyboard Review 9

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Manufacturer: Tesoro
Model: Excalibur V2
UK Price: £60.24 @Amazon.co.uk (At the time of review)
US Price: $52.74 @Amazon.com (At the time of review)

Tesoro may not have been in the game for very long, having been founded only 5 years ago, but their expanding library of headsets, keyboards and mice shows that they are serious about providing gamers with what they want. Today we are looking at one of their entry level mechanical keyboards named after the mythical sword wielded by King Arthur from British legend. It is aimed at someone who wants to break into the mechanical market without spending a huge wad of cash and first impressions of the Excalibur V2 are quite positive.

Tesoro has a habit of releasing multiple versions of each product in the range, each with the same base features and then a little bit extra as you go up in price. The Excalibur range is no different and we will be looking at the V2, which is a mechanical keyboard with clicky Blue, Brown or Red Kailh switches and available in either black or white body and keycaps accompanying a bucket load of features and blue backlighting. If you want to splash a bit more cash you can go for enhancements such as RGB lighting.

The V2 might be the cheapest in the range, but the blue lighting you get isn’t a simple ‘one trick pony’ with on and off ability… Tesoro has blessed this keyboard with quite an extensive group of lighting effects from the strobe, flashes, traces and more – but that really is the only spoiler that you’re getting. Let’s go on now and take a look at the specifications below before we crack on with the review and take a closer look at the keyboard itself.


Color Black / White
Processor 32bit ARM Cortex Premium
Memory 512KB (4Mb) Onboard Memory
Switch Gaming Grade
Key lifespan Heavy-Duty
Material Plastic
Ultra-polling Rate 1000Hz
Connection USB
Key Rollover Full N-Key / 6 Key Rollover
LED Blue
Lighting Effects Yes, Versatile
Special keys Keyboard lock, Reset Hotkey, Instant Macro Recording, Instant Profile Switch
Multimedia Keys 6
Cable 1.8 meters, braided,
Weight 1.3kg
Dimensions 450x150x34mm
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