MSI GTX 960 Gaming 2G Graphics Card Review

Another GTX 960 but does the MSI Gaming spin on it give it an edge over AMD?


[section_title title=”Power Consumption”]

Power Consumption

We measure power consumption of each graphics card we use on our test bench to give you, the reader, an idea of the power requirements your system will require. For the idle tests, we let the entire system boot into Windows and rest for five minutes and then take the reading from the meter at the time. For our loaded testing, we place the card under Furmark and benchmark it for 15 minutes, the maximum reading is then noted and used as our result. While this does still use some CPU power and the reading isn’t entirely for the GPU, it will give you a rough estimate of the power usage as it only uses 10 to 15% of our i7-4770K which is far less than if you were gaming.

Power Consumption Idle

Power Consumption Load


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