Eastpak Pary Black Review

  • Brand: Eastpak
  • Model: Pary Black
  • Price: £65.00 (at time of review)

In photography, there are many important if not utterly crucial pieces of equipment. However, what good is an expensive tripod or an expensive lens if there isn’t a proper bag to hold them? As we all know, there are plenty of Camera bags on the market, many of which vary in shapes and sizes to accommodate different camera bodies and accessories. What’s important however is how well can the camera bag protect its innards? And if it can how usable is it in practice? . Today we have the Eastpak Pary Black, a camera shoulder bag that is honestly rather sleek and rather understated.  Designed by Eastpak an American company that specializes in making durable and customized backpacks the Pary Black is yet another one of Eastpak’s more recent offerings.

Given that my current camera bag had been worn, I was actually rather delighted to have received such a generous sample from Eastpak. For those wondering the camera bag comes in two trims: Pary Black and Pary Ash Blend.  The former being an all-black bag affair while the latter being a grey bag with black trim.

An interesting thing to note before we continue is that Eastpak’s warranty for the Pary is a staggering thirty years. This is honestly pretty impressive given the general wear and tear camera bags are subjected to and perhaps a very telling statement on Eastpak’s faith in their own product.

So, let’s take a look at Eastpak’s offering as see if it’s worth it’s namesake and price tag? The only way to find out is to take a look.

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