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Action Cameras are becoming a product that a lot of people use in their everyday lives. From attaching them to motorcycle helmets, to taking them to events and shows to capture all the amazing footage to be had, there is no denying how popular they are coming. As most will know, they do serve many purposes from catching footage of your adventures and holidays, to even being used as a dash camera or to even catch security footage. Most action cams have a number of feature and settings that can be changed to suit each individual user’s needs with ease and one of the features we are starting to see more of, is, the fact that in a lot of cases you can download an app and control the camera right from your phone.

Kitvision is a UK based company that offers a nice range of Action Cameras. Previously, I have been lucky enough to review the Escape HD30W (Review here) and the Escape HD5W (Review here) which are both amazing cameras, with the Escape HD30W being the top of the range model and the Escape is as equally impressive, but is toned down a bit. One of many features Kitvision offers with its cameras is a waterproof casing (for supported models) and a plethora of accessories so you can make the most out of one of their cameras no matter the situation.

Today I will be taking a look at the Rush HD100W and unlike the previous cameras I have seen from Kitvision, the Rush does not come with and LCD display. The HD100W features 1080P recording at 30FPS with a 170-degree wide angle lens. As with the other cameras from Kitvision, the rush also comes with an abundance of accessories which will come in handy for a good out of scenarios that you may find yourself in. The 5MP photo sensor will also allow you to capture some nice stills and the Rush HD100W is waterproof up to 10M so no need to worry about a little rain or getting it wet in most cases.


  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • HD Video: 1080p @ 30 FPS, 720p @ 60 FPS
  • 170 Ultra wide angle lens
  • 5 Megapixel Photo mode
  • Waterproof up to 10 m

Closer Look

One of the things I have become quite fond of with the Kitvision cameras is the fact that in most cases, you can get a nice look at the actual camera itself on top of the packaging to make sure it will suit your needs. Also, looking around the box will help to ensure the camera you are looking at will be up to specification and do what you need it to.



As mentioned, Kitvision is well known for including a nice array of accessories so users can make the most out of their cameras in near any situation. Alongside the HD100W, users will also find:

  • Mini USB cable; User manual
  • Quick Release; 90° Connector; Tilting Head Connector
  • Neoprene case with carabiner
  • Flat Adhesive Board Mount; Curved Adhesive Helmet Mount; Helmet/Backpack Mount; Grip Mount

As you can now see, there are quite a few different mounts that should help users make use of this camera where they need it.




The Rush HD100W is shaped a bit differently than what has become the norm for most action cameras. It is 4″ long and around 1.5″ wide in total and just looks like it would do a bit better aerodynamically atop a helmet rather than a normal action cam.


As mentioned, the HD100W can shoot video in both 1080P @ 30FPs and 720P @ 60FPS, it also comes packed with a 5MP photo sensor for those moments that don’t require a video.

Using the HD100W is simple, simply push the button forward to the record position and it will turn on and start recording automatically. When you are done recording, simply push the button back to its original stop state and it will stop recording. If you are wanting to take photos, you will need to turn the HD100W on by sliding the button forward to rec, then back to stop then use the separate photo button to capture your images.



As the HD100W is waterproof, there is a cap on the back that covers some very important things to keep them from getting wet. However, you can still turn the WiFi on even when the rear cap is on.


Taking the rear cap off and users can now access the Micro-SD slow, HDMI/USB connectors and also chose between normal HD and Full HD depending on the quality of video the users will require. Also, at any time if you want to reset the HD100W, there is a button for that on the back as well.


Lastly, on the bottom is where you will screw the mounting accessories so you are not stuck just holding the HD100W like a hotdog when you want o use it record.


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