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After a bit of fun using the Kitvision Rush HD100W, I feel I am ready to give my final thoughts on it. There is no denying that just from the design alone it will come in handy in a number of situations, but let’s have a recap to see just how well it holds up.


The performance of the Rush HD100W is right on point with where it should be. It offers a true 1080P recording at 30FPS and the 5MP photo sensor takes some great stills as well. The 170-degree wide angle lens will help to make sure that everything you wanted to capture ends up on the video. One thing I was quite impressed with was the fact that even on closer up shots, the clarity still remained quite nice. When all is said and done, the performance of the HD100W is right on par with that of other similar cameras that shoot at 1080P resolution.


The HD100W has a bit of a unique design to it compared to that of more standardized action cams. Instead of being a square with and LED, it is more cylindrical and as such, should provide better aerodynamics if being used as a helmet cam. However, it still manages to remain compact and waterproof, which are two very big plus points for it. This is also the first action cam I have tested that for it to remain waterproof, you do not need a special case for it. If you are looking for an action cam but are not bothered about it having an LCD screen than the HD100W would make a great choice.


This is where things always get a little tricky, at least for me anyways. When comparing the  HD100W to similarly specced cameras, it can be a tad more expensive even when compared to Kitvisions own Escape HD5W which offers a better 12MP photo sensor and has an LCD screen. While the Rush HD100W is a great camera, I do feel the price is a bit high for what it has to offer.

Final Thoughts

The Kitvision Ruch HD100W is a good all-around action camera and if you are looking for something that doesn’t feature and LCD screen, then it may be right up your alley. However, the price could be a bit better and would definitely make it a bit more competitive if it was. You should have no worries about purchasing the HD100W, though if you can find a deal on one that will make everything that much sweeter.

Silver Award – The Kitvision Rush HD100W is going to walk away without Silver Award today for one simple reason. While it offers great performance and design and comes with a plethora of accessories, the price on it may put some customers off from it. If the price could come down closer to the £100 mark, it would be a Gold Award winner for sure.


Many thanks to Kitvision for sending this product in for review. 


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Full 1080P recording
– More aerodynamic than standard action cams
– Comes with a plethora of accessories


– 1080P only records at 30FPS
– Photo Sensor is only 5MP
– Price could be better

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