Today we are taking a look at the QDOS Custom Buttons – Skulls case for Apple iPhone 5. Like the Scosche case we looked at, the case provides protection to the key four areas of the phone; the back, sides, front and back and the screen.

The packaging follows an eye catching black and orange theme which would certainly grab your attention in a shop. On the front we have a large window which shows off the case and the three buttons. These are held firmly in place thanks to a moulded plastic insert.


On the back of the packaging we see a diagram of the case highlighting some of the features.




Taking the case out the packaging we find a plastic tray with the three buttons and the case with a printed cardboard insert. First thoughts on the case is how solid it feels, thanks to the hard back and TPU shock-absorbing sides. That said it doesn’t seem overly flexible, the TPU material is like a flexible hard gel.



The case has cut outs for the left side mute switch, camera, the  flash, lighting connection and the headphone jack. The speakers are part covered with holes to let the sound escape. Both the power and volume buttons are covered, however they still remain flexible and pressing the buttons is still easy.




The case has a black gloss finish to the back with a black matt finish. It also has a gloss rim to the sides with the inside of the case being the reverse with the back of the case being matt and the sides being gloss on the inside. Also on the inside of the case down the bottom we see the QDOS logo.


The case we have today will only fit the Apple iPhone 5 however QDOS have a large range of accessories for a whole range of products. The case fits the iPhone 5 firmly with no movement in fact I found the case proved difficult to remove once fitted but it did come out with a bit of force.

The case comes with three different buttons which fit into the back of the case, these are easily interchangeable and just push in. Should you not wish to use the buttons you can just leave it open and it will show the Apple logo through the gap. Below are the images of the three different buttons fitted to the case.





The case in the hand is easily graspable and the gloss finish on the rear helps the case to stick to your hand.

Overall the case works well, protecting the key areas off the phone while still providing access to important parts and provides a level of customisation to the case to make your phone more personal. QDOS however do offer different button case ranges to suit your preference.

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