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I think it’s safe to say that Micron isn’t just a reputable company, but they are one of the pioneers of the memory industry. Their Ballistix range is very popular and has transitioned throughout the different stages of DRAM; DDR2, DDR3, now DDR4. The question here, though, is 32GB (2x16GB) overkill and does extra memory give better performance?

The simple answer is no, if anything, it is more likely to hinder performance, especially when overclocking. The one impressive moment this kit had was in Cinebench 11.5 and R15 where it blitzed the competition, but AIDA64 and SiS Sandra really measured how average this particular kit is in terms of performance. Average isn’t necessarily a bad thing and those who like consistency will be pleased to know Micron have that level ground companies like Hynix could only hope for. Performance isn’t bad, but you have to take into consideration that 32GB over 2 modules is something special and those with small ITX rigs with only 2 slots are seriously going to appreciate this.

Crucial Ballistix Sport LT 2400MHz 32GB Red 3

At the time of writing/publishing this review, availability has been somewhat scarce for this particular kit of memory, but it can be purchased on the Crucial US web store for a stonking price of $149.99; very good value all things considered. With 3 different and unique colour combinations and styles available (red, white and grey), when these kits are widely available consumers will have a lot of choices available to them. We may even see different or faster speeds in the near future too, but 2400MHz isn’t bad when you take everything into consideration.

I think if you’re looking for a viable option to add 64GB of DDR4 to your system, or you’re limited to 2 x DIMM slots and want/need 32GB of memory, then this kit should be regarded as a definite purchase. There aren’t many 32GB (2x16GB) kits on the market currently for the enthusiast and that alone makes this Ballistix Sport LT kit somewhat special. With its good price in the US, the striking and stylish heat sinks and massive RAM Disk potential, we would surely purchase a kit if we needed so much memory in our systems.

Huge thanks to Crucial for sending in a sample for review.



  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– 32GB in dual channel is finally available!
– Perfect for a monstrously specced system
– Relatively consistent performance
– Has a little headroom for overclocking
– Very low 1.2v stock voltage


– Not widely available (at time of review)

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