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It has been touted that HyperX are one of the best brands for overclocking on the X99 platform and given the look of the Predator kit themselves, they do look rather mean but does this mean they will overclock like beasts or whimper like a 1 legged fox being hunted by a pack of dogs?  Who knows, who knows!  Oh wait, this is a review and it’s my job to find out….DOH!

So cracking on, stock rated speeds sit at 2133MHz with the XMP 2.0 profile and consists of CL13 (13-13-13) timings; tight timings but relatively low speed when you consider some of the kits currently on the market.  With barely any tweaking at all, I managed to achieve speeds of 2666MHz with tight CL 14-14-14 timings which is a huge improvement over the stock rated speeds; this is around a 25% overclock on the clock speed alone which is pretty staggering given the fact this kit required no extra voltage to achieve this.

HyperX Predator 2666MHz CL14

Of course this comes down to each particular kit as some will not overclock as well as others, but as a rough idea, this HyperX Predator has really impressed me with its overclocking ability and given what I said at the start (about HyperX being one of the best), the current overclock seems to add weight as to why people believe this.

The main question is, does this extra jump in clock speeds relate to performance?  Let’s find out…

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