KLEVV CRAS 3000MHz 16GB (4x4GB) DDR4 Memory Kit Review


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I think the bread and butter of what needs to be said can be summed up pretty quickly in regards to the KLEVV CRAS DDR4 memory; it’s fast, it’s gorgeous and its 100% premium. Of course, that would be in an ideal world, but we all know you want more than just a load of superlatives; you can get that from anywhere these days. The main focus and question here is, does the KLEVV CRAS perform and look good enough to represent a purchase?

Jumping straight into the pricing structure on this particular 16GB quad channel kit of DDR4 memory, it’s certainly not cheap. In fact it’s one of the most expensive 16GB kits of DDR4 memory currently on the market, so do the ends justify the cost? Well in some respects, you can easily see why it costs more than the average memory kit. In other regards, it is still very expensive and even with a great grasp in our performance graphs, it still doesn’t justify the extra cost involved from a real world application point of view.

It looks and feels premium, which is in large to do with the full metal and aluminium heat sinks used throughout; no cheap plastic heat sink covers are to be found here. This not only gives them added weight which naturally makes them feel nicer, but makes them look better too. The KLEVV CRAS memory kits are currently available with red or white light bars across the top, which do set these kits aside from a lot other brands, but LED lighting bars aren’t new by any means; it is still a very welcomed addition though for users wanting to inject some style into their system build.

Performance in synthetic benchmarks is nothing short of superb and can be attributed to the great balance of speed and latency. One disappointing thing was this particular kits lack of overclocking potential, but that isn’t always the be all and end all of memory; this kit uses an XMP 2.0 profile which all DDR4 kits currently use on Intel’s Z170 chipset. That being said, taking the CRAS 3000MHz kit as it is, it’s a solid performing kit with enough to satisfy even the biggest of enthusiast!

If black and silver are your thing, then the KLEVV CRAS 3000MHz CL16 16GB DDR4 memory kit should be considered as a definite purchase; one of the main problems currently is availability with only a handful of resellers are currently available. We do expect this to change over the course of 2016 and we really do believe Essencore and KLEVV will hopefully expand to the US market too. I challenge you to find a better looking DDR4 memory kit currently available with as much charisma, as much style and with subtle but smooth LED lighting.




Huge thanks to KLEVV for sending a sample of the CRAS in for review.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Certainly the best-looking kit of DDR4 currently available (in our opinion)
– Feels and looks very premium; mainly due to the metal heat sinks
– Performs excellently
– LED light bars add an element of style to your system


– Not as widely available as we would have hoped
– No overclocking headroom available
– Very expensive

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