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Up for review today is a budget focused 10″ Android based tablet from the folks over at Cube, specifically the Cube iPlay 10. The Cube iPlay 10 is currently available for £75.67 at time of review, which puts it in a very good position in terms of affordability.

Let’s take a look at the official specifications and see what we’re dealing with.

Cube iPlay 10 Specifications

  • MediaTek 4 core MTK8163 (1.3Ghz max turbo)
  • 2GB RAM
  • 32GB ROM
  • MicroSD card reader
  • Wireless A,B.G.N (5Ghz & 2.4Ghz)
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Front 0.3 MP camera
  • Rear 2MP camera
  • Micro HDMI out
  • 6000mAh battery
  • Weight 600 grams

Closer Look

Starting out with the packaging, the Cube iPlay 10 comes in a relatively smart and sophisticated looking brown box. The box itself is rather plain, but does have a distinguishable Cube logo in the centre of the box.

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Inside the box is all the relevant and needed documentation and manuals needed to get the tablet going. A USB charging/data transfer cable has been included in the box, but there is no sign of a power adaptor which is very disappointing.

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Looking at the iPlay 10 10″ tablet in the flesh, it has a svelte silvery white finish which features a relatively thick bezel. For a tablet of this price point, it’s more than forgivable and doesn’t feel or look to bulky in my honest opinion.

Here we have a volume up/down button as well as a simple and easy to use power button.

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Built in to the top of the front bezel, Cube has implemented a basic 0.3 MP front facing camera which isn’t exactly great, but for a tablet of this price, it’s relatively acceptable.

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In terms of connectivity, the Cube iPlay 10 features the following inputs/outputs:

– USB port
– DC input (for power)
– Micro SD Card slot
– Mini HDMI port
– 3.5mm headphone input

Nothing overly exciting to shout about, but has plenty of options available for increasing the storage capacity from 32GB and beyond.

On the rear panel, Cube have put a slightly better equipped camera here which is 2MP resolution. Like the front, the camera included on this particular tablet are somewhat under whelming, but to be expected for the price point.

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The iPlay 10 features a large 10″ screen with a nice 1920x1080p resolution which is the norm for basic tablets these days. The screen itself is very vibrant and thanks to the IPS panel, has a decent viewing angle available. The screen is probably my favoirite element of the iPlay 10 so far.

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Performance & Conclusion


So how good can the performance of a relatively basic and decent spec 10″ tablet be when all things are considered? First of all, you have a plethora of budget focused and out dated components which allow for Cube to put the iPlay 10 tablet in such a great position price wise in comparison to other brands, but more importantly, the outdated hardware such as the MediaTek quad core 1.3GHz make it somewhat lacking in pure performance, which does hinder gaming performance somewhat too.

The big performance win however is in the 10″ IPS 1080p screen Cube has opted to use; it’s clear, clean, vibrant and looks much better than I was expecting it to do. The tablet itself uses a basic version of Android 6.0 and has everything inside that you could possibly need such as 2.4/5GHz Wi-Fi capability, Bluetooth 4.0 and even has a micro HDMI output for connecting to a monitor or television.


The design of the Cube iPlay 10 is relatively good overall for the price and what i mean by that is, it’s as basic and plain looking as you would expect for a tablet at this price. It has all the connections you need for general use and the webcams although not great, do work and I would probably expect this particular tablet to make a great gift for a child or a loved one/friend looking for something on a budget.

The white and silver look and design is decent and I can’t really knock the overall design at all; when you get a tablet with such good value as this, you can’t honestly expect more than the basics and this is what you get with Cube.


At the time of writing this review, the pricing is currently set at £75.67 which for everything included is a great price. I’m still disappointed no DC charger was included in the box and I can guarantee that I won’t be the only one. Does the iPlay 10 tablet do well for the money? Yes, it’s pretty bang on in terms of the price to performance that I was expecting and even though the price is nice and appealing, the tablet isn’t worth any more or less than the price point it sits in.

Final Thoughts

Although the iPlay 10 from Cube sits at a price point which represents good value for money, the tablet itself is priced exactly right to match its worth. Yes, the 1080p screen is great to look at, but the use of some lower end hardware has given the performance a negative hit which makes it not so good for doing anything else other than general tasks such as watching videos, or general usage.

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Play3r Silver Award

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Great 1080p IPS screen
– Overall good value for money
– Basic and easy to use Android 6.0 operating system
– Micro SD slot for expanding above the 32GB of integrated storage
– Good build quality for the price


– No power adapter included in the box
– Not suitable for gaming
– Uses out dated hardware including the processor

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  1. The all important always missed! Are the apps locked to internal storage, or can some of them be moved to the micro SD card. We have some low cost tablets boasting external card capacities, which cannot be used for apps at all!

    • I’ve not come across any Android tablets or smartphones which cannot support moving any apps to external storage at all. I always thought that it was mostly down to the app itself as to whether our not you could transfer them over.
      Hopefully Gavin can shed some light on this for both of us as it’s really annoying to have loads of external space available but suffer lag and other problems because the internal storage is full.

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