Cubot S600 Android Smart Phone Review 8

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Manufacturer: Cubot
Model: S600
UK Price: £114.99 – White, Black and Gold (At the time of review)
US Price: $154.99 – White, Black and Gold (At the time of review)

Today we will be jumping right into an Android based Smartphone review, something we have done in the past but is not as much a regular sight as the headsets and keyboards you see every other week. The smartphone on the table is the S600 from Cubot, a quad-core device that provides 2GB of RAM with 16gb on board memory and offering an expansion of a possible 32GB by Micro SD card. What interests us more is not exactly what is on the inside, although it is a marvelous feat of engineering that this device is only 7.5mm thick, but the low price tag of just £114.99 ($154.99)!

Let’s get started then! Often when you see devices, especially electronics, at this price tag it does throw some warnings out as to the legitimacy of the hardware and software the device uses. With questions raised as to “How long will the device last?”, “How much bloatware is installed onto the Operating System that undoubtedly slows the device down?” and “Will it follow the usual, Buy Cheap Buy Twice, saying?”, there is much to be found when a review like this takes place and we hope to answer all these questions and more for you.

So, who is Cubot? It isn’t a fairly well known name that you will find in your local mobile phone store but it is however, a growing name in the technology industry. As stated on their Wikipedia Page, “Cubot is a brand of Android smartphones manufactured in the People’s Republic of China. The company is based in Shenzhen, China. The Chinese phone market is the largest and fastest growing in the world, and their rivals include big names such as Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Meizu and Xiaomi.” So to put this into a realistic perspective, a growing smartphone device manufacturer with a lot to live up to.

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