Since we’re covering a wider range of consumer tech products now I thought we would take a look at something different from the typical PC hardware we tend to review. In an age where we cannot be separated from our smart devices and gadgets, it’s of no surprise more companies are making an effort to increase the amount of ways we can easily travel around in comfort and with ease. Today I am taking a quick look at a company’s creative way of adapting your smart device such as a phone or tablet for use whilst in the car.

Scosche are a well-known brand when it comes to car audio and consumer tech, so the product I’m taking a look at today is almost an amalgamation of both. The MagicMount is an innovative mounting system for tablets and phones that combine the traditional mounting system with magnets to product a car mount that is a lot less faff when attaching and releasing your device.

The MagicMOUNT comes in sealed clamshell packaging, which is an utter pain to get into.

Inside the box you have the mount, a plastic disc with adhesive on one side and a large and a small metal plate (which you attach to your device).

Setting up the mounting system is incredibly easy. All you need to do is select the plate you wish to use and attach it to the device you want to mount. There are a few ways to go about this: firstly, the plate is thin enough to fit behind most phone/tablet back covers, so can sit between that and the battery cover. Another option is to stick the plate using its adhesive side, between the device and the case (if you use one). Finally you can also opt to stick the plate to the back of the case.

Once you have successfully mounted the plate, all you need to do to attach it to the mount, is simple touch the device against it and its magnets will hold it firmly in place. The strong rare-earth magnets are also covered in a non-slip material, that prevents scratching your device and helps hold it firmly in place. To mount the arm to your car or whatever surface you like is just as simple as attaching the device you want to use. The base is one large suction cup, which you lock in place by pressing the lever down in the middle. This locks it in place, but is easy to detach as you just reverse the procedure. Included is the plastic adhesive disc, which you can use to mount the suction cup to if you cannot mount it to the window or prefer to mount it to a non-smooth surface. The arm itself is made of a stiff yet slightly flexible material, allowing you to bend it to the position you require.


Overall I am very impressed with how simple the MagicMOUNT is. I love the concept of not having to continuously fiddle around with a complicated mounting system, which “holds” it in place. The good thing about using magnets is that it doesn’t affect the aesthetics of the device as the plate is hidden behind the device cover or case. The magnet is surprising strong; I managed to secure an older generation iPad to it and it had no problems holding it in position. The fact you can mount it anywhere make it ideal for pretty much any scenario where you need to be hands free with the device – in the car, in the office (I currently have it mounted to the window so I can get reception). It’s great if you use the device’s GPS or any similar apps, and when you’ve reached your destination, you simply pull your phone/tablet off the mount – as easy as that.

Possibly considered a downside to the MagicMOUNT is that it does not feature a built in charger, like USB for perhaps for an Apple device. This is no doubt because Scosche have kept the mount compatible to nearly any device – although they have included a cable clip so you can use a standard cable charger with it.

We like to take our devices with us everywhere we go and having a universal mounting system is great for all the smart phones / tablets we tend to have nowadays. I have been incredibly impressed with the simplicity of the MagicMOUNT and I am actually fairly surprised a concept like this has currently not been explored before. At around £20 RRP, it certainly doesn’t break the bank, although I cannot seem to find any additional plates for sale, which is a shame as it would be useful to stick one to all of the devices I would like to mount. That point aside, I believe this would be a great purchase for anyone on the move and wants the convenience of not having to faff around with complicated mounted systems – just place it on the magnet and you’re set! Normally we don’t give out awards for simple – non electric products, but this is a must have for anyone with a car – so for these reasons I am awarding it with our:

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