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Overclocking isn’t something that should just be left to the professionals these days. With a bit of reading and the right tools, both hardware and software, overclocking is becoming easier and easier. Long gone are the days where you needed a wealth of knowledge to even begin. Companies are making it ever so easy to gain a decent overclock on components that will allow it with almost no knowledge at all.

While I am no professional overclocker myself (as you will soon see) ASRock have done a good job in making sure I have the best chance possible of reaching a nice overclock.  The bios is easy to navigate and should offer all the options needed for a beginner or advanced overclocker.  The board is also designed with Solid Gold Caps, 8 + 2 power phase design and even has a 4-pin molex input to help power Crossfire and SLI setups, insuring that power is getting where it is needed without any compromise.

For the purpose of this review I was able to manage an overclock of .7ghz on my AMD FX-8350 bringing it to 4.7GHz total per core. This was achieved with a voltage bump up to 1.475v. Lowering the voltage would result in errors in Prime95 and system stability issues.  I think this has to do with my specific CPU more than anything else as even at 1.525V I could not get a stable overclock on Prime95. 4.7GHZ at 1.475v seems to be my CPUs sweet spot and it really does not like to differentiate from this. That being said there is no doubt in my mind that with this motherboard a higher overclock of 5.0GHz+ should be obtainable if your CPU will allow for it.

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  1. I have the same ram mentioned above. But I’m having problems the ram won’t work by itself but if I add a stock of my dad’s corsair vengeance it registers all the sticks. If I don’t have this plugged in my computer won’t even start. I’ve tried single channel with each stick but neither work by themselves. Any idea on how to fix this?
    R934g2130u1s. I’ve been trying to fix this for over a month.

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