ASUS Z97-K Motherboard Review


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The front of the packaging is very simplistic. It has a black background which on just over half of which we can see some of the PCB and part of the chipset heatsink which lets us know this has “5X Protection”. In the bottom left, we notice this board is compatible with 1,000+ devices and has 7,000+ validation hours. We also have some badges to let us know this board supports Intel LGA1150 processors (obviously), as well as AMD Crossfire and Windows 8.1; Broadwell and Devils Canyon processors are supported too!

ASUS Z97-K pack front

Moving onto the back of the box, it is jam packed with information which should serve the end user well. We have an image of the motherboard itself, outlining some of the individual components on the board with a specifications list right below. We also have a bit more information regarding ASUS’ Proven Quality, our M.2 socket, fan controls, UEFI BIOS, Crystal Sound 2 and the Turbo Lan.

ASUS Z97-K pack back

When we first open the box we are greeted pleasantly with the motherboard in its ESD packaging. We can also just about make out a pair of SATA3 cables tucked away in the cardboard protection for safe keeping.

ASUS Z97-K pack esd

Once we take the motherboard out of the box we can get to our accessories and manuals. At the bottom of the box we find our IO Shield, User Guide, Quick Start Guide, Safety Information as well as our Driver/Software Disk which inside has a ASUS case badge and we can also have a better look at the SATA cables.

 ASUS Z97-K Pack acc



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