ASUS Z97-K Motherboard Review


[section_title title=”Overclocking”]Overclocking

The ASUS Z97-K may not be directly aimed at overclockers but it still offers all the options to make sure we can get that bit more from our CPU and RAM. I would also note that while navigating the BIOS, finding the overclocking settings was easy enough, though it did take me a few more minutes than normal to get everything set up.

Jumping right in, I set my CPU to 4.5GHz @ 1.30v. These are our standard settings for CPU cooler testing and most motherboards should have no problems whatsoever hitting these settings.

The ASUS Z97-K did not disappoint and I was able to get some more testing underway. Bumping the voltage up to 1.40 I was only able to obtain a max frequency of 4.6GHz from my 4770K. Ultimately though, for a budget board the Z97-K overclocks well.


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