MSI X99S Gaming 7 Motherboard Review


[section_title title=”2D Benchmarks – AIDA64″]


This simple integer benchmark focuses on the branch prediction capabilities and the misprediction penalties of the CPU. It finds the solutions for the classic “Queens problem” on a 10 by 10 sized chessboard. At the same clock speed theoretically the processor with the shorter pipeline and smaller misprediction penalties will attain higher benchmark scores. For example — with HyperThreading disabled — the Intel Northwood core processors get higher scores than the Intel Prescott core based ones due to the 20-step vs 31-step long pipeline. CPU Queen Test uses integer MMX, SSE2 and SSSE3 optimizations.

X99 AIDA64 CPU Queen

X99 AIDA64 CPU Photoworxx


X99 AIDA64 Memory Read

X99 AIDA64 Memory Write

X99 AIDA64 Memory Copy

X99 AIDA64 Memory Latency


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