MSI X99S SLI Motherboard Review


[section_title title=”Introduction”]Introduction

MSI are a world-wide leading manufacturer of information technology products. They produce everything from all-in-on gaming systems to gaming notebooks alongside their well-known lines of motherboards and graphics cards. The PC and Tech world has recently been buzzing with some great advances in technology with things like the M.2 SSD port, Intel’s X99 platform which also brought a new range of CPUs and DDR4 RAM to the market and of course NVIDIA’s latest 900 series GPUs. As you can expect MSI has had a big part in all of this and has carried out a lot of the new technology across their wide range of products.

Today I will be taking a look at one of their new X99 chipset based motherboard by way of the X99S SLI PLUS. The X99S SLI PLUS features a 2011-3 socket at its core making it compatible with the latest Intel i7 Processors, Turbo M.2, QUAD SLI/CrossFire and of course DDR4 RAM with speeds up to 3333Mhz in Overclock mode. This is some truly amazing hardware and as this is my first time testing it all out I was more than excited to get to it. Coming in as one of the cheaper motherboards based around the X99 chipset, MSI have assured us that they have not cut any corners and performance will not suffer from having a lower price tag.


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