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Tt eSPORTS is the division of Thermaltake that handles a lot of the peripherals and more specifically, the peripherals aimed at gamer’s. With eSPORTS becoming ever so popular these days it should come of no real surprise that companies dedicate whole divisions geared towards creating products for the community. Tt eSPORTS is headquartered in Taiwan and not only do they make peripherals designed for eSPORTS and gaming they also sponsor eSPORTS teams and events worldwide.

Today I will be taking a look at a few different accessories Tt eSPORTS offers alongside their peripherals. These accessories are meant not only to help show off your peripherals but add a bit of extra functionality to your overall setup. The Hyperion is designed to not only show off your headsets but also to hold them up out of harms way, the Galeru is a mouse bungee that will hold your mouse cord out of the way and keep it from dragging across the back of your desk, the Pyrrhus is a a mousemat that offers a smooth glide surface and the METALCAPS are a nice addition to any mechanical keyboard but especially to a Tt eSPORTS branded one like the POSEIDON Z or ZX.

Before we get to looking at all the accessories individually let’s take a quick look at a video I made to help show them off:

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