Tt eSPORTS Hyperion, Galeru, Pyrrhus & METALCAPS Overview


[section_title title=Galeru]Galeru

The Galeru is the mouse bungee of the family. It is designed to keep your mouse cord from dragging along the back of the desk or getting tangled up which could be very frustrating, especially if you are in the middle of an important battle.

This will require a bit of assembly but is a lot easier than the Hyperion to put together, though the Hyperion was easy as can be. The box for the Galeru follows in the footsteps of the Hyperion and gives us a nice image on the front with a bit of a description of what we can expect on the back. It comes in two pieces which are connected and held together by a magnet.

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Once the Galeru is put together users can put their mouse cord in the grooves of the rubber arm and sort the length out to their choosing.

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• DIMENSION:113(L)*102(W)*111(H)MM 

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