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Last but surely not least, we have the METALCAPS. With Keycap sets becoming more and more popular for mechanical keyboards it should come as no surprise Tt eSPORTS have their own set.

The Tt eSPORTS METALCAPS will come in four varieties, as follows:
1. W A S D + Esc key
2. Q W E R + Esc key
3. ↑↓←→ + Esc key
4. 38 keys combination (letters, punctuation, ↑↓←→, and Esc key) 


On the front of the box are some little windows to let users see the look of the actual METALCAPS inside the box while on the back is a short features list. Opening the box and we can see they are nicely packed inside protective foam and come with a keycap puller which is sure to come in handy when removing your old caps to put these on.

Tt eSPORTS FB Timeline_22 Tt eSPORTS FB Timeline_23 Tt eSPORTS FB Timeline_24 Tt eSPORTS FB Timeline_25Tt eSPORTS FB Timeline_21

One thing to mention is they do add a bit of a different feel over the standard caps your keyboard comes with. I used the POSEIDON Z for my testing and the normal keys had the normal clicky sound do to the Kailh Blue switches but when I added the METALCAPS on there was more of a thud noise from them. They were not harder to hit or made any real noticeable different other than that of the noise they make when being used.




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