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As mentioned the Hyperion is a headset holder designed not only to show off your beloved headset but to also keep them out of harms way.

It comes flat packed as standard and will require a bit of assembly, though nothing too major, just clipping a few things into to place.  The front of the box has an image of the Hyperion showing it holding a nice pair of Tt eSPORTS headphones. On the back of the box is a little diagram showing us how to clip everything into place so we can start using it right away. The pieces that make up the Hyperion are nicely packed and protected in foam to make sure they get to customers in the best quality possible.


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The Hyperion follows a red and black theme and is made from plastic. The black base of the Hyperion features the Tt eSPORTS dragon logo while the arms that will hold the headset up are made from a see-through red plastic.

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I know some of he concern related to the Hyperion will come down to if it is sturdy enough or not to be trusted? Well I can truthfully say, yes it is! While it may be constructed of light-weight plastic it is designed to hold up well. The inclusion of the 3 clips on the backside of the arm holders make sure your beloved headset will be safe and secure.

Once you have assembled the Hyperion, which takes a whole 10 seconds it is time to put it to good use. As you can see from the images below it holds up my Level 10 M headset quite nicely and the colour scheme of the Hyperion should go well with most Tt eSPORTS branded products.

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• BODY DIMENSION: 264MM(H) X 165MM(W) X 129MM(D) 
• WEIGHT: 375 G 
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