Noctua Fan Lineup Review


With me today I have some of the latest fans from Noctua in several different sizes including 40mm, 60mm, 92mm, 140mm and 150mm. They have also been kind enough to give us the ULNA, FLX and PWM versions of some of the fans. In addition to this, the 40mm fan also supports a system called OmniJoin which I will talk about further on in the review.

Noctua, founded in 2005, is a cooling company which offers some of the best solutions for the enthusiast and average consumer. With a strong history of providing quiet fans with decent performance, Noctua have certainly created a name for themselves in the short number of years they’ve been around.

With each of these fans having a different application I will be testing and making considerations under each scenario in which I feel they are best suited.

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