CM Storm Reaper Aluminium Review


Brand: CM Storm
Model: Reaper
Price: £54 (at time of review)

Cooler Master continues to innovate and expand their horizons with a wide range of cooling options, system cases and even gaming peripherals. Recently we have covered the Mech Keyboard (insert link) and the Pulse R Headset.  CM Storm is the gaming peripheral arm of the Cooler Master brand, producing high quality products that appeal to system builders and gamers alike.  The Aluminium Gaming range compliments the excellent product line with quality manufacturing and design approach that has made Cooler Master one of the best companies in the world.

Today we take a look at the Reaper. It is designed to fit straight in with the Aluminium Gaming range, the Reaper is a purely gaming mouse with various additional buttons that can be customised, as well as the ability to change the mouse’s DPI settings and even program macros with the stand alone software that CM Storm have produces just for this mouse.  So let us take a look at the Reaper’s Specifications


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