Cooler Master MP750 Soft RGB Mouse Pad Review

Our ex-bosses child is just 7 years old and he has a disability known as autism. His passion is technology and he aspires to be a YouTuber when he grows up. To make his day, Cooler Master sent in the new MP750 RGB mouse mat which has a soft coating in for review and we figured we would give the little man his big break. His dad not only used to own and run the Play3r website, but he still owns the Play3r TV YouTube channel and although he’s left us to pursue his career at AnandTech, it could be his son that takes over Play3r in the future!

Below is Cameron’s first video on Play3r TV and as mentioned, he has autism so he is a little camera shy, but he did an amazing job! Remember, we advocate Autism Awareness and this will be expanded upon in 2019.

Cooler Master MP750 Soft RGB Mouse Pad Video Review & Unboxing

Cooler Master MP750 Soft RGB Mouse Pad Video Review: The Verdict

As expected given my son gave the video review of the MP750, the following conclusion is written by me (Gavbon). Despite the fact I’m buried in written analysis and testing for AnandTech, as well as having tonsilitis and it being the weekend. I was so appreciative for Cooler Master to send my son a special present (Cooler Master CM310 gaming mouse), but I figured I would give my professional opinion on the MP750 mouse mat given that my son has just completed a video review of the product. I filmed it of course and helped direct him along, but still, this is still a review! – Thanks again Dave and Cooler Master…

What’s hot:

  • RGB around the edges is quite vibrant
  • The soft surface has a nice feel to it
  • Available in three sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large (M, L & XL)
  • Cooler Master Portal software is quite interactive and intuitive
  • Reasonable price compared to other brands such as Corsair and SteelSeries

What’s not:

  • €35 isn’t exactly cheap for a mouse pad

To cut a long story short, the Cooler Master MP750 RGB mousepad is a pretty nifty piece of kit. Of course, the value of such a product is going to be subjective to what someone is willing to pay, but I believe the €35 price tag for the MP750 M to be quite reasonable. One of the most noteworthy features is the MP750 is water resistant. This is good if you’re a clumsy oaf like myself who usually ends up spilling drinks while gaming. Another good feature is the stitching around the edges which is inherently hard for users to fray the edges. This also means the mouse pad is easier on the wrists too reducing friction burns and abrasion of the skin.

The soft coating of the MP750 is identical to that of the Cooler Master Swift RX mouse pad, except for the fact that it’s water resistant. Users can either press the button to cycle through different colour presents including color cycle, or use the nifty Cooler Master Portal software. The Portal RGB utility lets users change between static colours or the colour cycle mode and offers enough to make it worthy of consideration despite the quite hefty price tag for a game surface.

If my 7-year old child likes the MP750 and is happy, then I’m happy. He’s typically hard to please and the RGB kept him interested enough to want to try different colour combinations out. At the time of writing the MP750 wasn’t available to buy, but the version reviewed is the medium-sized variant and costs around €35, so I expect the price to be around £29.99 in the UK. The Cooler Master MP750 is a worthwhile purchase for gamers looking to add more RGB to their peripheral armoury and makes a good surface for gaming.

Cooler Master MP750 Play3r Gold Award

Thanks to Cooler Master for sending a sample of the MP750 in for review.

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