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The first panel of the software lets us manage profiles and also control volume levels for the mic and the headset itself.


The SBX Pro Studio part of the software features a ‘cinematic’ sound/visual demo that lets you have a play around with the various enhancement settings. In my usage I found the surround setting did actually add a nice rumble to the bass for movie watching and the crystallizer is effective in countering the dulling of the sound caused by the bass setting if you want to balance everything out to be more ‘immersive’. Personally though I think the drivers in the headset do a good enough job on their own (with a bit of eq) and I ended up leaving this lot off.


The next tab is the scout mode setting which is designed to allow you to hear footsteps in FPS games better which obviously can be a distinct advantage in games like CS:GO. In my usage I found the scout mode setting did result in slightly clearer footsteps, but at the sacrifice of a richness of sound. This will all come down to preference of course, many serious gamers play their games with the graphics stripped bare to spot people easier and so too will some people prefer to hear people better than to enjoy the full soundscape of a game.


There’s not much to talk about here really, it’s an equalizer. There are a good about of preset options though which is nice.


The Voice FX tab is a voice changer which is very easy to use and on one or two settings can actually produce quite amusing results. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s a value add but it is certainly good for a couple of cheap laughs.


Finally we have the tab that lets us control the Prism lighting effects on the ear cups. As you can choose between solid colour or a colour cycle, constant or pulsating effects and you can also pick a colour with RGB codes which is always nice for those who want the perfect matching colour with their peripherals. I also really like the fact that there is a standby timer, extra bits of smart thinking like that make a big difference.

So, the software packaging has all the options you could possibly need and even some that you probably don’t, it’s also fairly clean in design and easy to navigate; all in all it gets a thumbs up from me.


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