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Why hello there, welcome to yet another review here at my desk. Interesting one this time, it’s the Drevo Tyrfing V2 Ten-Keyless Mechanical Keyboard and oh boy does it impress! I have a guilty pleasure to admit where this keyboard comes into it, and that’s the sweet RGB lights it’s growing on me more and more as time goes on. I have the Blue switch variant of the Tyrfing V2 TKL which features a super satisfying click to them too. Enough of my babbling it’s time to join me for this review where I’ll be looking in depth on this ace bit of kit!


Drevo Tyrfing V2 (3)

Shape Parameters

Dimension: 359x135x38mm
Cord length: 180cm±1cm
Weight: 760g±20g

System Requirements

Windows 7,8,10


Key Quantity: 87 (ANSI US), 88 (ISO EU)
Keycap material: ABS
Legend: Double-shot (ANSI US), Laser Marking (ISO EU)
Light mode: 14 different modes
Stabilizer: Cherry Plated-mounted
Switch: OUTEMU switch

Switch Specs

Black Operation Force 80±15gf
Total travel: 4.00mm Pretravel:2.20±0.6mm
Blue Operation Force 60±10gf
Total travel: 4.00mm Pretravel:2.20±0.6mm
Brown Operation Force 60±10gf
Total travel: 4.00mm Pretravel:2.20±0.6mm
Red Operation Force 60±10gf
Total travel: 4.00mm Pretravel:2.20±0.6mm


N-key rollover
Marco keys
Media keys
Windows lock
Customization backlight


Keycap puller*1


Additional features of the Drevo Tyrfing V2 TKL Keyboard also include:

  • 14 different lighting modes and 9 main colours offer you superior RGB effects.
  • Customisable key configuration can be achieved through software support.
  • The light of each individual key can be easily personalised.
  • N-key Rollover allows any combination of keys while maintaining fluid gaming.
  • 5 macro keys to record your key-bindings for quick actions, weapon or gear swaps.
  • Ability to disable the Windows key (FN+Win) to prevent accidental press during games.
  • Media keys for ease of use.
  • Ergonomic ten-keyless form factor saves your desk space and allows comfortable positioning of your hands and keyboard.
  • Available in 6 different layouts: US/DE/UK/FR/IT/RU.
  • Outemu mechanical switches are available in black, blue, brown, and red.
  • Tyrfing V2 ANSI US version uses ABS double-shot keycaps, ensuring no fading of keys. ABS laser marking keycaps for Tyrfing V2 ISO EU version to maintain a superior touch sensation and great RGB lighting display effects.
  • A military-grade mechanical gaming keyboard with a sturdy metal base.
  • High-grade Nylon braid USB cable against deterioration.
  • Enhanced cool-looking appearance through wire drawing tech.

Closer Look

So after all the boring bits are out of the way it’s time for the fun part, getting the keyboard out and set up ready to play! It also pleasant to see yet another peripheral using subtle but tasteful braided cabling which I’m beginning to enjoy seeing more of, even if it’s not to everyone’s taste I like the look and feel of it, which out of the box already helps bring across a more premium feel. The next neat feature of the Drevo Tyrfing V2 TKL that caught my eye is the metal construction used to give it a rigidity that, for the size of this keyboard, makes it feel really hard wearing and rugged even able to take even the most punishing of typists. The brushed effect used on the metal is also another bolster in the premium looks department as its subtle but the finish helps the keyboard stand out from the TKL Crowd! The Tyrfing V2 I have is actually a pre-release version, it doesn’t differ from the consumer version but it sadly didn’t come in the retail packaging however its a brilliant bit of kit for any desk, especially those who are fans of the TKL design. This keyboard is actually my first foray in to this genre of keyboard and once you are used to missing the num pad section it makes for a really neat peripheral.

Drevo Tyrfing V2 (2)

Ooh boy let’s get the Drevo Tyrfing v2 hooked up to the pc now then, wow the RGB lighting is really crisp! All of the keycaps have the characters printed in a clear abs material so that when the RGB lighting modes are on, the keys are all clearly lit, the only key that’s not quite fully lit up is the enter key but that’s down to where the switch/light placement is but it’s hardly a fault as you can still easily tell what it states on the cap. There’s also great light dispersal between the keys which I feel makes it look so much cooler when you have all your lighting flickering away, in my case it’s set to a radar style light effect that scrolls around the keyboard with full RGB lighting.

Drevo Tyrfing V2 (7)

Anyhow let’s get to the interesting part, that’s how to change the RGB mode on the neat little Drevo Tyrfing V2 and that’s done by a combination of key presses, using the FN key and then any of the Insert area navigation keys which are all marked with different icons below their functions that denote what RGB light setting they are set to from Meteor mode to one of 14 different modes depending on key combinations used. The instruction guide here details how to get to each different lighting mode and is pretty simple to follow which is nice to see for a change, the easiest bit to remember is that FN is the key that opens the door to all the RGB goodness! The base of the Tyrfing V2 is also super sturdy. The feet only have full height or stowed away options, it would have been nice for a mid-height option as well. They do have some chunky portions of rubber which are ace for preventing the keyboard from sliding across the desk which is a great feature for usability when going at it typing or gaming.

Drevo Tyrfing V2 (6)The switches I have opted for on this variant are the blue switches; aw yeah that sweet, sweet, clicky clack as I type this review is delightfully satisfying to hear compared to the mushy thunk a membrane keyboard would make in this same position. The fact they have an RGB backlight just makes for an even more pleasant experience. I’m also impressed that the Drevo Tyrfing V2 has a decent software based macro and lighting setting solution as well as it coming with hardware based combinations to use in order to change colour modes and settings and of course the combinations required in order to set up macros.

Drevo Tyrfing V2 (4)


So down to the real reason you are probably here and that is how well does the Tyrfing V2 from Drevo perform? Well oh boy, does it do well for daily typing and gaming? Which is a nice double whammy for such a nice keyboard in my opinion. I found that typing speed is really good, admittedly I’m not an overly speedy typist but this keyboard more than makes up for my lack of speed, I’ve also noticed that my typing speed has slowly gotten better since starting to use the Drevo Tyrfing V2 and that is something I actually didn’t expect to happen! The actuation on the blue switches is just right for me too and as I’m not one for hammering keys I don’t get any wrong key hits which I used to do a lot more on my previous keyboard.

Drevo Tyrfing V2 (1)

The high-quality material used on the keycaps makes them feel a lot nicer than most I’ve had experience with in the past. They are still ABS like most keyboards use but the caps on the Tyrfing V2 just seem of a better quality but it may just be my eyes playing tricks on me there. Either way the hardware is really up to the mark. It’s more than ample for gaming too thanks to the speedy actuation points on the switches making for a more enjoyable experience. I found it most noticeable in the most played PC game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. I’m not a pro in this game by any means but having a quicker responding keyboard tends to help when you have the obligatory run away zig zagging to dodge hits, as is my usual tactic in PUBG but thanks to the slightly speedier switches used I felt I could react a smidgen faster. It’s always fun to hear the clicks and clacks as I freak out in my attempts to move quickly too. It’s a perfectly ample keyboard for daily office use and also gaming which is a double win-win!

Another great feature I nearly missed is the super easy to navigate and also utilise software suite Drevo has released for the Tyrfing V2 keyboard and it covers everything from the RGB colours and functions to macros and recording them. It’s a really nice and easy to use suite, which is a nice surprise too and makes getting macros and such a piece of cake to get sorted. I find that the 3 categories makes for a much easier to use scenario as I have seen some that have several different categories and even more in each one as subcategories.

Anyway, I’m babbling a little, let’s get to the look-see at the software suite that the Drevo Tyrfing V2 utilises for management. You can manage key mappings in the customise tab which may be useful for those folks who have a specific need for unique characters, it also allows for profile specific keys to be set up. The second page is the more useful, I think, of the three as it allows for Macro recordings for quick combos in games or even setting key shortcuts too. Then finally page three, for some might even be the most important, its RGB disco party time where you can tweak each colour scheme including how fast the colours scroll and what colour palette is used in each effect!


Finally after all that, typing on the Drevo Tyrfing V2 has been and will continue to be a nice and pleasant experience which is always great to say about a daily use peripheral, it’s closing word time on this review. Overall I was a bit apprehensive about using a Ten-Keyless keyboard as I’ve always been a full-size keyboard type of guy, but since using this keyboard I’m slowly getting used to the no numpad idea that I’ve found to be great for extra gaming space! I’m certainly happy with my experience and the switches feel so much nicer than I was anticipating, even more so when clacking away writing which is ace, and they are more than capable to keep up with the fastest paced games like PUBG as well as CS:GO even if the keys can be heard sometimes but it’s no problem when in the heat of the moment.

Other than the bright and crisp RGB, which has grown on me more and more just like the Tyrfing V2’s format, is always pleasant to see especially so when you can set a plethora of static colours if disco mode isn’t your thing. I’m pretty impressed at the price I’ve been told it’ll be, available from Drevo’s Store now for $59.99 and it’s going be available for £49.99 on Amazon which is awesome thanks to its mechanical switches and RGB but also the really good use of high-quality feeling materials is mighty damn impressive. I was a little disheartened at first as there aren’t any dedicated macro keys and such but I was more than happy after seeing I could record all my own custom macros which I can see coming in useful when I get into playing MOBA type games.

Well, I’m glad you’ve joined me for this review of the Drevo Tyrfing V2 Ten-Keyless keyboard, and oohee was it a good one! I’m slowly coming across to the keyboard club as I can see why decent mechanical keyboards are so sought after, its one of the best typing experiences I’ve ever had using a keyboard.

So you’ve gotten here and its awards time then a proper final thought for this review. My award has to be a platinum, first I’ve awarded since writing for Play3r too, purely for how great the design has been executed with top-notch premium materials but great point is the sub £60 price point this awesome little mechanical keyboard rocks in at. The use and implementation of the RGB lighting and software control are super useful too and makes for an even better experience overall.

 Awards image 3

Thanks for joining me here and please let me know whether you have any questions please drop them below and even if you have bagged yourself a Drevo Tyrfing V2! Huge thanks to Drevo for sending me this sample for review.

Drevo Tyrfing V2 Review
  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


– Plug and play for easy setup
– RGB aww yiss
– Superb build quality
– Great software
– Very attractive pricing

– Having different height feet would be nicer.

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