Leetgion Hellion Review


Brand: Leetgion
Model: Hellion
Website: http://www.leetgion.com/products.php
RRP: £47.99

The word Leetgion is composed of 2 words Leet and Legion. Leet is a commonly used internet term for “Elite” used to describe and individual in possession of superior skill or prowess. The companies self made description of the word Leetgion is “A group of elite individuals fighting alongside each other, conquering all that stands before them”. The company was founded in 2010 and originated from Thermalright, bringing over alot of experience into their product range. The Hellion is aimed at RTS players and has some interesting features including a blue MX switch and a dedicated “Attack key”. This review will find out how well this mouse performs and whether its a strong competitor in the market compared with other mice retailing in the same price bracket.

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