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The Luxa2 E-One Aluminium Headset holder is sure to find a special place upon the top of your desk. Not only does it keep your headset from getting scratched or damaged, it will also leave your desk looking a bit tidier and offer a bit of extra room. Not to mention it’s quite the eye catcher, allowing you to show off your favourite headset in style.

Design and ease of use are also first class. The E-One is made from high quality aluminium and has a diamond cut finish which allows it to shine when the light hits it. Using it could not be more simple, you set your headset on the non-slip grip atop the E-One and that is it, you’re good to go. Also, the weight of the base and its non-slip rubber grip will leave you feeling safe in knowing that the E-One is very sturdy and will not easily be knocked over.

Though I did not show it in my photos the base of the E-One also offers enough room for you to set your phone atop of it. While it may not  have been designed with this purpose in mind, it is one of those little things that make the E-One that much more likeable.

Overall the Luxa2 E-One is a sturdy piece of kit and with its sleek design it will surely catch the eye of anyone walking by.  It also offers a great way to keep your headset on display and looking tidy. If you have a higher-end headset or just one that you are proud of and want to show off I cannot recommend this product enough to you. You will not be disappointed with it at all.

Taking everything into consideration I would like to give the Luxa2 E-One Aluminium Headset Holder our Gold and Editor’s Choice awards.

I would like to thank Luxa2 for sending me the E-One for review and look forward to seeing more from them in the near future.

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