Mionix Nash 20 Gaming Headset Review


[section_title title=”Closer Look”]Closer Look

Lets take a closer look at the headset.

closer full

Starting with a front on full look at the headset you notice a few things; first you can see that the pleather earcups and headband are very generously padded and certainly look like they should be comfortable. Next up you might notice the matte black finish which is of a soft touch plastic texture, it feels premium. Finally you can also see the boom microphone in its up or muted position.

clser headband

Moving on for a more detail orientated look around the headset we have here the headband which as you can see has a very nice clean aesthetic to it with some tasteful branding. I really like the look of the headset from this angle, it definitely does look like a high end product.

closer left

Next up is the left ear cup which in this shot features the headband fully extended and the microphone down in the open position. As you can see the earcups have a very attractive rounded design which is shaped around the central Mionix logo. The headband rails are a full metal construction and feel very robust; the whole headset is superb from a quality point of view. The microphone is a fairly standard affair but the integration of the hinge is very nicely done.

closer right

A look at the right ear cup with the headband at minimum extension really lets us appreciate the design of the ear cups, I really like the way the Mionix logo defines the shape, its a good aesthetic in my opinion.

close vol

Here on the back of left ear cup we can see the volume control for the headset, between this and the tilt to mute mic there is no in line controller on the cable for the Nash 20. This is either a positive or a negative depending on how you look at it, personally I quite like it as I often find in line controllers are badly positioned anyway and when it comes to ergonomics for changing volume it’s hard to misplace your left ear.

closer cable

Finally we have the cable and connectors, as you can see the cable has a very nice looking braid and both connectors are gold plated.

Well, I have to say I think the Nash 20 is a gorgeous headset. I honestly cannot think of any real aspect of the design that I would change, the soft touch feel and the well braided cable just finish off what is a great looking and superb quality set of headphones. Lets move on and see if the sound matches the looks on the next page.


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