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Manufacturer: Mionix 
Model: Zibal 60
Price: £90 (at time of review) 

Minx is a Swedish peripheral manufacturer founded in 2007 by Peter Nygren . Like many Scandinavian companies, their focus is very much placed upon producing high-performance products with clean and simple designs.

They may not have been in business long compared to industry giants like Logitech, but if the raving of reviewers and customers alike is to be believed they are certainly well on their way to being a household name in the peripherals world.

Today we have in for review the Zibal 60, a backlit mechanical gaming keyboard that packs MX black switches. Now the MX blacks are a bit of a rarity nowadays as we are used to seeing only reds, blues and browns really so it will be interesting to see how the much higher actuation force (60CN vs 45CN in reds for example) affects gaming and whether it makes this keyboard feel like an old school gem or just plain old hat! We also have a USB/Audio hub built in and if my previous experiences with Mionix are anything to go by this should be a good bit of kit, so let’s see if it can live up to my expectations!

More about Mionix: 

Mionix was founded in Sweden 2007 by Peter Nygren with the mission to create the world’s best performing and most ergonomic gaming mouse. We proved that a small dedicated Swedish clan could do this. And it was just the beginning… Today, our complete gaming range is crafted with the same level of innovation and attention to detail.


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