Speedlink Orios Sicanos RGB
Speedlink isn’t a name that is commonly referred to when talking about peripherals, however, they have been producing some stunning examples and today we take a look at the Sicanos RGB Gaming Mouse and the Orios RGB Gaming Mousepad, yes you heard that right, an RGB gaming mousepad! More below…

Speedlink Sicanos RGB: Specifications

  • USB gaming mouse with RGB lighting
  • 7 ergonomically placed programmable buttons incl. DPI switch
  • Exchangeable left and right side panels for maximum hand comfort with/without a finger rest
  • Light effects with 16.7 million colour options
  • Colours, macros and buttons all software customisable
  • High-end 5,000dpi (up to 10,000dpi interpolated) Pixart 3325 gaming sensor
  • 1,000Hz polling rate
  • Rubber coating for maximum grip
  • Smooth, frictionless glide pads
  • Braided cable
  • Connection: USB-A
  • Dimensions: 123 × 75 × 39mm (W × D × H) / 123 × 69 × 39mm (W × D × H)
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Weight: 133g (incl. cable)

Website here.

Speedlink Orios RGB: Specifications

  • Professional gaming mousepad with RGB lighting
  • Side, logo and product name lighting with 9 effects
  • 16.7 million software-configurable colours
  • Tough micro-texture finish for total control
  • Optimised for all-optical and laser sensors
  • Anti-skid pads on the base
  • Configurable via the driver
  • USB-A connector
  • Dimensions: 350 × 250 × 4mm (W × D × H)
  • Cable length: 1.8m
  • Weight: 823g (incl. cable)

Website here.

Speedlink Sicanos RGB & Orios RGB: Video Review

Speedlink Orios RGB Mousepad: Review

Opening the box you get a large black plastic tray housing the pad itself, trailing along the back you get the cable. Remove the tray and the plastic sleeve you can see the pad itself. There are 5 rubber feet for traction on the desk surface and you can appreciate just how slim it is. In fact, the thickest part is the metal housing at the top of the pad, the Orios comes in at 350x250mm and the width is only 4.3mm which is only marginally thicker than a standard mousepad!
The pad itself is solid with a large plastic sheet to give it its shape and rigidity and the top is covered in a micro-texture finish that is both hard and soft at the same time, a rather unusual material but it makes the mouse slide across it so well with no friction at all.
There isn’t a great deal that can be said when reviewing a mousepad but the party trick of the Orios RGB is the lighting. Powered simply by a single USB you get a light show that embellishes it and it looks fantastic! The entire outer edge of the Orios lights up and the smoked plastic really diffuses the colour nicely and due to this, it flows smoothly. Not only does the edge light up but also the Orios and Speedlink logos in either corner. To change the lighting mode you can simply touch the power button on top and it will cycle through assorted modes and colours. What’s more, is that you can also control the lighting effects via RGB software on your system.

Speedlink Sicanos RGB Mouse: Review

Now that we’ve taken a look at the mousepad, it makes sense to move onto Speedlink’s mouse, the Sicanos RGB.
Inside the box you get a small bag with the 2 interchangeable side panels, these are a matt black plastic and you can see the magnets that hold it in place at the rear. Take the cardboard insert out and you get a user manual and then the mouse itself in a plastic mould. The Sicanos is a very nice looking mouse, with a mild gaming feel to it. It’s a matt black unit with some glossy black accents and the lead is a nice long, well made braided one.
The mouse is a nice and sturdy unit that feels very nice to hold, it fits very nicely in your palm. The clicks are relatively spongy but have a nice resonance to them and work well. The top is coated in a matt black rubber for extra grip too, when it comes to the technical aspect of the Sicanos it featured 7 ergonomically placed buttons around it from the usual left and right-click, scroll wheel, 2 buttons below this and an additional 2 to the left-hand side of the mouse. These extra buttons not only control the DPI from 5,000 to 10,000 but also can be assigned as shortcuts too. The Sicanos features a Pixart 3325 gaming sensor which is very responsive with a 1000hz polling rate.
As previously mentioned the Sicanos has swappable panels, the reason for this is that you can have either the mouse as it is with a slimmer design and no finger rests, this is ideal for some however if like me your finger and thumb may drag slightly on the surface, simply pull the panel away and swap for the other and instantly you get a thumb rest which raises your thumb away from gaming surface (desk, mat, etc). On the opposite side, you have the same feature and you get another extended panel for the fingers to rest on. This makes it suited for a much wider range of users providing the optimal setup for the user!
The Sicanos, like almost any gaming peripheral, is of course RGB and there is a fair bit more control in this sense than with the mousepad, this can be controlled either via RGB software to sync with your system or on the mouse itself and the logo, strips and scroll wheel all light up and when they do it looks fantastic, not too overwhelming but just right. Paired up with the Orios together they both compliment each other perfectly!

We are proud to give the Speedlink Sicanos RGB mouse our Silver Award.

speedlink sicanos rgb mouse silver award
We are proud to give the Speedlink Orios RGB mousemat our Silver Award.
speedlink orios rgb mousemat silver award
A big thanks to Speedlink for sending the Sicanos RGB mouse and Orios RGB mousemat in for review.
Build Quality
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speedlink-sicanos-rgb-mouse-orios-rgb-mousepad-reviewSpeedlink have today sent over the Sicanos RGB mouse and Orios RGB mousemat for us to take a look at. Let's see if Joe thinks they are worthy of your consideration and hard-earned money.

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