Steelseries APEX Review

  • Brand: Steelseries
  • Model: APEX Gaming Keyboard
  • Website:
  • RRP: £67.99 (at time of review)


Steelseries are one of the largest and most popular gaming peripheral brands in the world, with products ranging from keyboards and mice to mobile phone controller accessories and earphones. They are also known for their branded accessories for games like World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 and Counter Strike, and they also feature some products branded and endorsed by some professional gamers like Fnatic. Steelseries are not new to us here at Play3r, having already taken a look at their Sensei RAW Frost Blue Gaming Mouse and Flux In-Ear Headphones, I’ve also owned their Merc Stealth keyboard for a while, which proved to be a formidable keyboard, despite the gimmicky “game pad” area.

Today I will be taking a look at what Steelseries claim to be the “world’s fastest keyboard”, the APEX gaming keyboard. The APEX is the current flagship non-mechanical keyboard for Steelseries, with a smaller brother known as the APEX RAW, which has less features and comes in slightly cheaper than the RAW version. Recently we’ve seen a large influx of mechanical keyboards, with many new companies jumping on board the bandwagon, so it’s good to see some variety going on (and something more affordable).

Before I take a closer look at the RAW, here is the spec of what I’ll shortly be unboxing and a comparison to it’s smaller sibling:


Low profile keys
Backlight color 16.8 mill. at 8 levels Bright white at 8 levels
SteelSeries ActiveZone 5 zones
Anti-ghosting 6 simultaneous keypresses of 20 antighosting capable gaming keys 6 simultaneous keypresses of 20 antighosting capable gaming keys
Macro keys 22 17
Macro layers 4 2
W-key with tactile bump
Media keys Dedicated Through modifier key
Adjustable keyboard tilt Two angles (7° & 10°) Two angles (7° & 10°)
SteelSeries Engine support*
Surface material/treatment Textured/Glossy Textured/Glossy
Braided, anti-tangle cord
Rubber dome keys 5 mill. keystrokes 5 mill. keystrokes
USB hub 2 ports
OS compatability Windows, OS X, & Linux** Windows, OS X, & Linux**
Recommended price $99.99/€99.99 $69.99/€69.99

As you can see there are a few differences between the APEX and the APEX RAW versions. So now we know what to expect, let’s take a look at the keyboard.

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