SteelSeries are one of the top names in gaming peripherals and with new products regular, there is always something going on with the popular Danish company.  Having been founded in 2001, with other a decade of experience one of the most interesting markets (gaming), they continue to innovate and support gamer’s across the world in the way of top quality products, sponsorships and even professional gaming teams such as the ever popular Natus Vincere (Na’Vi).

With that being said, today I had the pleasure of being able to test out the QcK Frost Blue Limited Edition Mouse Mat which ties into the theme of their other frost blue products.  What did I think of it?  Well watch the video to find out.

All in all, I really liked the design and the feel of the QcK mouse mat.  Upon this and of course my love of the colour blue and how much I really like mouse mat, I have decided to award the QcK Frost Blue Limited Edition Mouse Mat our design award.  In terms of performance, I do feel you could get more for your money elsewhere, especially if you require a bigger mouse mat but things like this come down to personal preference and if they did a larger version of this mouse mat, I would be all over it!

Thanks to SteelSeries for sending the QcK in for review and I look forward to seeing more products in the near future.

  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value


The QcK Frost Blue Limited Edition Mouse Mat from SteelSeries is another fine example of quality design, good quality materials and solid dedication to all the PC gamer’s in the world today. I recommend buying this to go with the other Frost Blue peripherals that SteelSeries currently do!

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