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The Rival is an interesting proposition from SteelSeries if not because of its apparent focus on minimalism then the associated price with it.

Firstly, £50 is too much to ask for a mouse that, really, is quite lacking for £50 and especially when compared to other mice in the price region. There just isn’t any sort of value proposition here for a mouse that doesn’t offer the hardware of say, the Func MS-3 which costs £10 more. Your £50 doesn’t even net you a braided cable or USB protector – small things, but things included elsewhere and for less.

The Rival itself is certainly a nice to use mouse depending on scenario, but the location of the back/forwards buttons just seems strange to me. The only way to have both covered at all time is to have the top of your thumb rest between the buttons but then it just feels weird. I’m not sure who can sit through a gaming session with their thumb angled an inch off the ground for the best part of a 30 minute round of Battlefield 4 or League.

To conclude, I’m not sure where the Rival fits in within SteelSeries own line-up or the general gaming mouse market, and as such, I just don’t can’t envisage when I would recommend this mouse over another any others in its immediate competition. For £10 more than the Rival you can pick up the SteelSeries ‘Sensei [RAW”]’ from SteelSeries’ own web store which has extra function buttons on the right compared to the Rival and also a braided cable. If the Sensei suddenly becomes a no brainer then for the same price as the Rival, or cheaper, SteelSeries competitors are willing to sell you more mouse for your money.


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