Steelseries Sensei RAW Frost Blue Review


Many companies these days either have a gaming brand, or focus primarily on gaming.  With many different products, with many different designs and colour combinations available, there is always something for everybody in this huge market.  One such company is Steelseries, founded in early 2001, they have been at the forefront of competitive PC gaming for over a decade and have helped the competitive gaming community get where it is today.

With many different products ranging from gaming mice, to mechanical keyboards and everything in between, you can most likely guarantee if there’s a peripheral you need, SteelSeries manufacturer one.  With teams on their books ranging from Fnatic, Natus Vincere and even the Copenhagen Wolves (SteelSeries are a Danish Company), some of the world’s top gamers not only endorse SteelSeries products, but swear by them.

Today, I will be taking a look at their limited edition Sensei RAW Frost Blue Illuminated Gaming Mouse.  Will it swim or sink? Let’s find out, starting with some specifications…


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