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Starting off with the packaging, be quiet! have gone with a subtle and clean all black look with a silver stripe on the left hand side for contrast.  On the centre there is an illustration of the actual power supply with the model number below; as mentioned, this is the 680w version.  In the top left we have thumbnails for the 80 PLUS GOLD efficiency rating and of course, the be quiet! logo in the usual white and orange can be found in the top right.

On the rear, we have a more detailed list of specifications including something I think is absolutely genius; it has a diagram for cable length and configuration which should be an industry standard in my opinion.  There is also information in English and German; be quiet! are a German company if you didn’t already know.

There is also information regarding amperage on the rails including 24A on the 3.3v cable, 28A on the 5V cable and 55A available on the 12v cable; plenty of power to go around.

Upon opening the sleek be quiet! packaging, the first thing I was greeted with was the rather striking all-black user manual; it is quite thick considering and if you enjoy reading manuals, this should provide satisfaction.

Underneath the manual and peeking just out of the bubble wrap is the actual Straight Power E9 680w power supply; note the cardboard surrounding it is also part of the protective packaging.

As the be quiet! Straight Power E9 680w power supply is semi-modular, inside the box is of course the rest of the cables.  The cables included on top of the 24pin 12V cable are as follows:

1 x 20+4pin motherboard cable (55cm) – Pre attached

1 x 4+4pin 12V CPU power cable (55cm)

4 x 4+2pin GPU power cables (55cm)

1 x SATA cable with 4 connectors (55cm)

1 x SATA cable with 3 connectors (55cm)

1 x Molex cable with 4 connectors (57cm

1 x SATA cable with 2 connectors + 2 x peripheral connectors + 1 x floppy power connector (55cm)

Plenty of options available in terms of cables and it is worth noting that the cables are all 18 AWG which is the bare minimum of gauge to use with a power supply.  Also included is 4 x screws and zip ties to aid with cable management.


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