SuperFlower Golden Silent 500w Power Supply Overview

A silent and passively designed 500w power supply with an 80PLUS Platinum efficiency rating from SuperFlower, but is the Golden Silent really "silent"?


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Closer Look

If you were expecting a dainty, small and petite power supply, you were pretty much right!  Although not actually considered a SFF (Small form factor) unit, the Superflower Golden Silent 500w power supply measures in at 15cm long which is pretty svelte in comparison to some other 500w PSU’s on the market.  With a solid matte black finish, the Golden Silent sits looking pretty but this isn’t without weight; this is probably the heaviest 500w power supply I have ever experienced weighing in at 3kg.

As mentioned previously, this particular power supply is semi modular and aside from the 8pin CPU, 24pin motherboard and 1 x 6pin/6+2pin PCI-e cable, everything else is modular.  The option is available to run a SLI or Crossfire setup but I wouldn’t advise it on ANY 500w power supply.

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 7

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 10

The main feature or focal point if you will have it, is the sleep ridged heat sink that Superflower have attached to the top of the power supply; this is of course instead of having a fan like most power supplies utilise to keep the interior components cooled.  Nothing is more silent than a lump of static metal and it will be interesting to see how this actually performs with some heavy load upon it.

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 8

One note that I have to point out is that the heat sink mounted to the top doesn’t entirely match the “sparkled” effect but it looks good and all in all, it’s a case of function over style; not that this power supply looks ugly or anything though!

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 9

On the rear of the unit, we have 4 connectors which accommodate the flat ribboned modular cables; despite the 15cm length, this is still only a 500w power supply at the end of the day.  One thing I would like to point out is I am not so pleased with the “garish” mix between the cables; regular old 24pin ATX and flat ribbon cables look pretty nasty when combined together so this unit would certainly be more appealing with a fully modular design and a matching set of cables.  Nevertheless, this unit isn’t designed to look beautiful, it’s designed to give an inaudible user experience.

Superflower Golden Silent 500w 11

A detailed look of the internal components can be found here by the legendary PSU expert Crmaris – Click here


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