Ycam HomeMonitor Indoor HDS Camera Review [UPDATE] 8

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Brand: Ycam
Model: HomeMonitor Indoor HDS
Price:  £129.99 (At time of review)

It’s not often I get an opportunity to re-review a product due to substantial changes – I’m talking changes to do with the firmware/software, which alters the product’s behaviour significantly – essentially creating a new product. Typically these new features are only available on the more expensive model, however in this case, Ycam, a popular home security brand, have rolled out changes that have vastly improved their current range of security cameras and associated products.

A little history on the Ycam products: I originally reviewed their first security camera back in 2013, which was the non-HD version, then a year later evaluated the HD model, which is the camera I’m having another look at today. I also managed to review the outdoor “Pro” version, which is still mounted comfortably to the outside of my garden office. They all walked away with awards and high praise, as they were solid products.

Ycam have slightly dialled back the HomeMonitor brand recently and instead have opted to stick with Ycam as the main brand name. This has resulted in a fresh new app that it vastly improved over the previous- which is the main reason why I’m revisiting the camera.

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