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The Crucial BX100 is not the fastest drive on the market, nor is it meant to be. While the BX100 is designed to give users some of the speed they crave, it is also meant to offer great value and a cheaper alternative to some competitors SSDs. Does it live up to this claim? Let’s find out.

In terms of performance, the BX100 managed an average read speed of 500MB/s with an average write speed of 430MB/s in all of the tests carried out. While these speeds are a little off from the specified speeds, we have to take into account the difference in machines used for testing. I for one was happy to see the consistent speeds across the board and at the end of the day, is an extra 20MB/s really going to be that noticeable in everyday applications? I think not! The BX 100 features good speeds and its consistency only further adds to the value it has to offer as an SSD.

When it comes to SSDs there is not a whole lot that can be done in terms of aesthetics, they are designed to be small and tucked out of the way in most cases. What can be taken into consideration is the internals of it, is it using quality parts? The BX 100 is engineered using Micron parts who have a proven track record when it comes to RAM and storage solutions and should really give us no need to worry there. The Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller seems to do its job of offering good, consistent speeds, which is all we can really ask for.

On to the value, and this is where Crucial is trying to bring it home as far as the BX 100 in concerned. They wanted to give users a good amount of speed in an SSD, but without breaking the bank. Coming in just shy of £130, for a 500GB model, the BX100 is definitely a worthy purchase and its performance is well worth the asking price. If you are looking for your first SSD, or, something to throw a few games or programs on you can not go wrong with the BX100.

When all is said and done, the Crucial BX100 is a great all-around SSD offering an amazing performance to value ratio. If you are in the market for an SSD, the BX100 should definitely be on your comparison list.

Gold Award – I have given the BX100 our Gold Award as it offers a great combination of speed and value for an SSD and will be a well-worthy purchase no matter the end-users intent for it.

I would like to thank Crucial for sending in the BX100 and look forward to seeing their next SSD offering!


  • Performance
  • Design
  • Value



– Good read/write speeds
– Great value
– Designed using Micron Components
– Available in 120/250/500GB & 1TB sizes


– None found at time of review

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