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So now that the Samsung EVO 250GB SSD has been tested following the same methodology as the other storage devices here at Play3r, how did it fare and did it strike a high note with me?

Well to say the performance was phenomenal would be an understatement!  The RAPID mode feature when tested in CrystalDiskMark 3.0, it literally doubled the read speed!  How effective this will be in real world scenarios is negatable but how many of us have yearned for 1GB/s read speeds without the use of RAID?  Exactly!  Also to mention the EVO drive managed to hit just under 2 GB/s on ATTO, which is more than the motherboard on the test bench can handle with 4 x OCZ Vertex 3 SSD’s in RAID 0; really impressive by any imagination!  The EVO drive also steadily out-performed the WD Black² SSD section and the OCZ Vertex 3 quite consistently.  This is always a good sign and shows that Samsung have not only taken their already top of the range consumer SSD tech and made it even better!

The general design and aesthetics of the Samsung EVO 250GB SSD are generally pleasing to the eye although might not fit some peoples colour schemes.  I do prefer the silver and black as opposed to the silver and orange of the regular Samsung 840s and I feel bar the WD Black², the EVO is one of the best looking SSDs on the market (if you care about how it looks that is).

Price wise, it is going to cost you around £130 which is pretty good considering the pace setting performance and great look of the EVO.  It is currently priced between the 840 Basic and 840 Pro which is pretty much where it is meant to be.  It isn’t a bargain by no stretch but it is still a really good price for what you get, not just the SSD itself but the bundled software which effectively eliminates the need to purchase Norton Ghost 2014 to clone from one drive to another etc.

Overall, Samsung are really onto a winner with the EVO 250GB SSD.  Not only is it a good price, but it sets a high standard for performance and when you take features like RAPID and TurboWrite into account, there probably isn’t a better SSD on the market within touching distance at the moment.

Thanks to Samsung for the EVO 250GB sample, I look forward to seeing more in the near future.

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The Samsung EVO Solid State Drive is more than worthy of our Performance award. It has blistering speed, great features in RAPID and TurboWrite and it also looks the part making this SSD pretty much one of the best consumer drives on the market in terms of performance. Coupled with a 3 year warranty, this drive should be somewhere on the top of your SSD shopping list, if not the top!

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