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Today on my desk I have one another PC to test from well-known company for providing top quality custom built PCs for games, business users and general consumers alike: Cyberpower.  Founded in the United States, Cyberpower has made a name for themselves as boutique PC builder. With global companies backing them such as Intel, AMD, NVIDIA and ASUS, it is no surprise that when Cyberpower brought the brand to the UK, many awards came as well. With all the fanfare surrounding their quality it is easy to see how they got their reputation for top quality PCs at good prices.

Specifically today, I will be taking a look at their Infinity Achilles Pro SE gaming system, which features an Intel i5 4670K overclocked to 4.4GHz cooled by a Corsair H60 AIO water cooler, a R9 280x GPU neatly packaged in the Corsair 200R case.  With many top quality parts included, will the Achilles Pro SE be a top performer?  Does it have enough style to warrant a place on your desk and and most importantly, does it represent good value for money?  Let’s find out, starting with a little bit about Cyberpower…

A little bit about Cyberpower:

Originally founded in the United States, Cyberpower Inc. is one of the leading brands in the competitive US computer market. With vast global backing from leading technology brands such as Intel, AMD, NVidia, Asus and Microsoft etc., we aim to deliver the most up to date hardware for your needs at wholesale prices, and bring the well renowned name of Cyberpower Inc. to the UK. With vision, commitment and determination we can manufacture a vast range of custom built PC systems to suit the needs of any individual or company. Our PC systems are built with up-most care and attention as we strive towards making this not just our profession, but our obsession.


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