[section_title title=Closer Look – Internal]Closer Look – Internal

Taking a closer look inside the ZOTAC ZBOX EI730 PLUS, as you can see everything is compacted inside and the thing that instantly sticks out to me is the old style CPU heat sink being used; it really does bring my mind back to old school cooling solutions.  As this is a micro sized PC, the 1TB HDD used is of course 2.5” so this means that it features a platter speed of 5400RPM; shouldn’t make too much noise but it does allow the option for an SSD to be installed.

The PCB of the board is a nice deep blue and we have a free SATA port with the Wi-Fi card wires being taped to the board; not the most professional look for a system of this value but it shouldn’t matter at all.  To gain access to the 8GB of DDR3L memory, the HDD will of course need to be removed from the system beforehand.

Here is a closer look at the included 1TB HDD which is Samsung branded; this is actually manufactured by Seagate and it is a momentus model.

Up close and personal with the CPU cooler, we also have the Wi-Fi card which the EI730 PLUS comes equipped with; look at that neat cable management.

With the ZOTAC ZBOX EI730 PLUS finally powered on, it has a very nice surprise in the way of a yellow LED ring which illuminates on the front; I find this to be simply gorgeous as yellow and black is one of my favourite colour combinations.

So that caps off the closer look at the ZOTAC ZBOX EI730 PLUS gaming small form factor system but I think everyone wants to see how it performs; if it performs as good as it looks, then ZOTAC will have a winner here today…


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