Star Wars Battlefront Review - Hit or Miss? 1

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Developer: EA DICE
Game: Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars is a sacred franchise that crosses the border from being a movie franchise to a hugely successful games franchise. I personally grew up watching the movies constantly with my dad, and playing all sorts of Star Wars games on all sorts of consoles, even some god awful ones and even bootleg games too… Two of the games in the franchise that can be categorised as sacred is the Battlefront series, so when EA announced it was the first Star Wars game they would be releasing there was a lot of excitement, and a little doubt there too. The doubt is understandable though, with The Old Republic still burning a hole in some fans hearts (even though I quite liked it), I went in with excitement though, especially with how great I find the Battlefield franchise. This particular Star Wars release had it all, sounds like you’re in the movies, looks like it too, even plays great like Battlefield, but it has a huge problem with it though, where are the maps?!… Where are the weapons?!… WAIT, WHERE IS THE CAMPAIGN?!

The fact that no campaign was added was quite the disappointment to me, even though they aren’t the strongest in Battlefield I still liked to have something non-multiplayer there. The most disappointing is the lack of weapons and maps, even though EA have promised free maps, and more in DLC, this will also include weapons too. This is a huge sigh of relief for many people who spent quite a lot of money for a game of this magnitude, but for now, it is a little bit of a game you should be playing in short bursts so you don’t completely burn yourself out of it. Something I liked though was the fact you can edit your character for both factions, you can also have an editable loadout and a hand of cards, the cards include things like a sniper rifle, grenades, rocket launchers, etc.

This game at launch is a mixed bag, the game plays and looks great, but there aren’t enough maps or weapons to keep people playing for long enough. I do have tons of fun with this game and it’s surprisingly one of the FPS games I’m quite good with, and I almost never get a negative K/D ratio. I do have a slight problem with balancing, sometimes you do get stuck with a team that aren’t quite as good, but the balancing never happens which means you’re pretty much stuck with a team that’s destined to loose.

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